YouTube app for Windows, Mac and Linux

Minitube 1.7 released

Happy new year everybody! Just in time for the Befana, I’m releasing Minitube 1.7. Put it on USB sticks together with candy inside colored socks for the little ones!

This release features clickable usernames in the playlist, so you can start watching the video author’s channel with a click.

Another much requested feature is a “Manually start playing” option. It allows you to pick the right video before starting playback and to try other searches without interrupting the current video.

Especially for the Mac, I worked on enhancing the visual style to be more pleasant and feel more native. Now the app doesn’t quit on window close and minimizes on Command+M. The seek bar and volume slider sport a new style and the search box is the rounded, native one.

The “Stop after this video” option can be useful in many situations, I use it with my kid so I can pretend that the cartoons are over.

Other minor enhancements include a window “Float on Top” option and the ability to skip to the previous video (with keyboard shortcut).

Enjoy and spread the word!

Minitube 1.6 released

I’m happy to announce that Minitube reached version 1.6! These are the changes:

  • Find the missing parts of a video
  • Mac OS X Lion full-screen mode
  • Share a video using Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Fixed bug with very short videos not playing
  • Fixed a (rather paranoid) security issue with temporary files and made sure temp files are always deleted
  • Dropped Mac OS X PowerPC support. Apple has made it really hard to support PPC on Lion. PPC users can keep using version 1.5

Minitube 1.5 to the rescue

A few hours ago I’ve come back from free camping on a beautiful mountain. When I logged in I found out dozens of users were complaining about Minitube not working. Here I am with a new release that fixes the problem and adds a few features. Thanks to Mike Holenderski for emailing me details about the YouTube changes that broke Minitube.

Besides watching videos again, you can now drag’n’drop YouTube links from your browser to the Minitube window. Also, Minitube is now more tolerant about which URLs are actually YouTube URLs. New translations are included thanks to the great people contributing on Transifex.

UPDATE: Minitube 1.5 has been published on the Mac App Store (11 days after its submission). Anyone who bought it there can update via the App Store

Minitube 1.4.3

This bug fix release finally fixes some videos not starting, especially in languages different than English. Here’s the rest of the changelog:

  • Hide toolbar and playlist in fullscreen on mouseleave (multiscreen) (Patch by Rob Halff)
  • Fixed volume level in the statusbar showing as a decimal (Patch by mru00)
  • Fixed disabled search box when in fullscreen on Linux
  • New and updated translations from Transifex

Enjoy Minitube!

Minitube 1.4.2 bug fix release

Just a quick note to announce the availability of Minitube 1.4.2. This version addresses a bug with some videos not playing, especially longer ones. Also full length videos now start playing much faster. 1.4.2 also fixes some invalid download filenames on Windows. A brand new Albanian translation is included. Enjoy!

Minitube 1.4.1 finally lands on Windows

This is the first Minitube release working on all three major platforms. The Windows version,  like the Mac one, won’t be free. I hope this will help make the project sustainable. So spread the word to your Windows friends!

Version 1.4.1 brings many new and updated translations. Many thanks to the people who worked on Transifex. Georg Grabler fixed a bug occurring in multiscreen setups. I fixed a bug with videos not auto-advancing when using the Xine Phonon backend on Linux. Enjoy!

Minitube for Windows needs testing

A Minitube Windows version is almost ready. Here you can find a beta release that should work on Windows 2000 and above. I hope someone can test it and report in the comments below whether  it works or not.

The Windows version, like the Mac one, is not going to be free. Please bear with me as I try to make this project sustainable.

Minitube 1.4

This release introduces YouTube channels support in Minitube. At first I thought it would be just a minor feature. You just search for a username instead of keyword. No big deal. Boy, I was wrong. While trivial from a technical perspective, being able to watch YouTube channel in Minitube brings a whole new depth to the application. Discovering channels is easy thanks to the autocomplete popup, which suggests the most relevant channels for a given keyword.

Version 1.4 also fixes many playback problems. Some of them are actually caused by slow YouTube streams. Minitube now tries very hard to get a fast stream and discards slower ones.

Linux CLI users will enjoy a small new feature. Minitube now can be launched from the command line specifyng a keyword or YouTube URL.

I’m experimenting with Transifex, a collaborative translation system. If you’re interested in helping translating Minitube, head over to Minitube’s project page.

As always, donations are welcome!

Call for Minitube 1.4 translations

Minitube 1.4 is ready to be translated! If you’re interested, please head over to Gitorious, download a .ts file (using the Raw blob data link on the right) and edit it with Qt Linguist. When you’re ready you can send it back to me via email or, if you can work with git, file a merge request.

There is still no simple collaborative translation system for Minitube. So please have patience with duplicate translations, etc

Minitube 1.3 brings video back on your desktop

Many people noticed that Minitube, like youtube-dl and other YouTube tools, stopped working on Dec 9. Here’s a new release that brings back the “Minitube experience”.

This version sports a shiny new icon designed by David Nel. I hope you like it as I do. I’m really thankful to David for this contribution.

There a many changes under the hood too. The way video playback works had to be radically changed. The Mac version is more responsive now and never shows the dreaded spinning pinwheel. The changes also led to the (hopefully temporary) disabling of seeking functionality on Linux.

This is the first Mac release based on Qt/Cocoa. This brings minor visual enhancements and fixes. Minitube now requires Leopard or better.

On the i18n side we have a new Macedonian translation by Veta Branislav and updated German (by Jakob Kramer) and Finnish translations.

Now go get your Minitube!

UPDATE! Minitube is now avalaible for Mac PowerPC and Tiger users too.