Minitube 1.8 released

This release brings a much enhanced Compact Mode. The Compact Mode window now remembers its own size and position and can be made smaller than before. It also stays automatically on top of other windows.

The video title and description that Minitube briefly shows at video start now have an adaptive font size so they look good both in Compact Mode and Full Screen.

As for the recent Musictube release, Ubuntu and GNOME 3 users get a shiny new Quicklist.

This release fixes a bug with videos not being downloaded on Linux with Qt 4.8 and works around GStreamer stopping playback in the middle of a video.

Unfortunately many recent Linux distributions (including Ubuntu 12.04) have a GStreamer bug that prevents many applications from playing MPEG4 videos. While we wait for the bug to be fixed, here’s a simple workaround.

Full changelog:

  • Enhanced Compact Mode: window on top, can be made smaller and remembers its own position
  • Adaptive video title font size
  • Unity & GNOME 3 actions (aka Quicklists)
  • Mac Sandbox support
  • Added missing menu item to restore hidden window, as per the OS X HIG
  • More responsive UI while loading videos on the Mac
  • Selecting a recent keyword now also sets the searchbox text
  • Selecting a suggestion now also sets the searchbox text on the Mac
  • Fixed duplicate channel names in suggestions popup
  • Fixed playback not starting or being interrupted on Linux
  • Fixed search box being erroneously focused on the Mac
  • Fixed wrong localization of some menu items on the Mac
  • New and updated translations
  1. bash says:

    Hi, thank you for this new release!
    Unfortunately I cannot build it because of this error:
    $ qmake
    WARNING: Failure to find: en.ts

  2. Christoph says:

    I guess minitube-linux.tar.gz is not correct, inside is a new changelog, but no binary files.


  3. Flavio says:

    Hi Cristoph and bash, thanks for letting me know. I forgot to push that English translation file. All is well and good now.

    • jose says:

      el programa en ubuntu 11.10 me genera el siguiente error y se cierra
      Request finished but never started saving
      ViolaciĆ³n de segmento (`core’ generado)
      agradezco su ayuda

  4. Alex says:

    As always: Thanks for the update! :)

  5. Eskender says:

    Hi, have a strange video size after update (( only a part of the video is showing on the screen. Whideo size does not match the player. How to solve the problem? Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit Samsung R580

  6. Zalvatore says:


  7. Daniel says:

    Are you able to make a version of Minitube for lite versions of Linux (i.e. Puppy Linux or Slitaz)? A native version of minitube would be great on those small distributions.

    Also, is there any way to see the video comments in the Windows version?

  8. Andreas says:

    Many thanks Flavio for Minitube and keeping me uptodate!

    I’m using it as a learning tool. Just typing a few words and viola there are all the videos showing how to do it (..or not;)

    Best regards & keep on hacking!

  9. someone says:

    Thank you for this release.

  10. Alex says:

    I love minitube. I absolutely love watching youtube without having to open the browser. I only have one request/suggestion: in a future update do you think you could make your youtube account accessible from minitube? so that I can view the playlists that I already have saved and view the subscriptions I have. Thank you for this very useful and elegant software.

  11. BmFx says:

    Good job! man.

  12. BmFx says:

    I have a bug, when I’m playing, it is buffering, it play again from the start of video and repeat… Can you display buffering percent and fix bug play again?

  13. jose says:

    Request finished but never started saving
    ViolaciĆ³n de segmento (`core’ generado)
    este es el error que me genera el programa y se cierra solo

  14. zscauer says:

    I like this app, but when I got it from repository, it was not download video. So, I download a new version from this site(1.8), I was installed all required components, unpack archive and run ./minitube. So, it’s not downloading video again…
    I’m sitting on Fedora 17-stable.
    Sorry for my horrible english((

  15. Raghavendra says:

    I use ubuntu 12.04 LTS and installed minitube version 1.06.I love this but this is not working it only displays play list and video details on the right side window.Will some one advise and guide me how I can use this.