Minitube 1.7.1 bugfix release

This Minitube release fixes bugs and brings new and updated translations. Here’s a list of the bugs that have been fixed:

  • Fixed searching YouTube videos ids containing the “-” sign
  • Fixed search auto-completion popup appearing when not needed
  • Fixed temporary files not being deleted on Windows
  • Fixed quitting from the Dock on the Mac
  • Fixed bug preventing system shutdown on the Mac
  • Fixed search box selecting text while typing and losing focus on ESC key on the Mac
  • On the Mac, “Quit” and other application menu items are now correctly localized
Enjoy your 100% bug-free Minitube!
  1. Fabio Correa says:

    Great work, thank you very much!

  2. Patti Blankenship says:

    Thank you for the update of my favorite application on my Mac.

  3. Ken says:

    Hey that’s brilliant thanks for the update.

  4. I am new to Ubuntu. I am having a hell of a time, upgrading to mintube(1.7.1). Can you help or some one , with an easy way of upgrading minitube. The install in source is kinda veg.

    • Flavio says:

      Ubuntu users can install Minitube 1.7.1 using the webupd8 PPA. Open a terminal and type:

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
  5. Ceceun says:

    I think I’ll not update this time, but thank you, really, this is excellent.
    Ubuntu User.

  6. Magnus says:

    Hi, any chance you can remove the automatic update check on linux platforms? The packagers (usually) take care of updating of apps in the repos, thanks for the update from me too.

  7. universalinterfaced says:

    Hello Flavio,i’m not able to open youtube’s live streams on minitube,they came up from the list but they don’t open.
    it will be very interesting to see the live channels of youtube on minitube.
    Thank you and good work.

  8. kumar says:

    i like this app very much

  9. iynque says:

    I’m using MiniTube 1.71 (the demo version) and I can’t get any videos to play. I search, I get a list of videos, the app seems to be in “play” mode and I can click stop if I want, but nothing happens. No video. I can stop and start, search again, choose different videos, but nothing will play.

    Is there a better channel for feedback and bugs other than commenting on blog posts?

    Also, in the English version, the Pause menu command says “Espacio” instead of “Space:”

  10. Pratik Nag says:

    Dear Flavio,

    I had purchased a copy of minitube 1.7.1 from mac app store on May 03 2012 (1847 hrs. +5.30 GMT) worth $ 9.99 US. My Apple Order ID is 32471961. My main motive to spend approximately $10 was to download videos from YouTube. At the time of purchasing, I had visited your website, and clicked on download from mac app store. I mistakenly taken the downloading part into the consideration and have skipped the entire part which says ‘mac app store version does NOT support download’ because your pictural review on the home page mentioned of downloading 1080p from youtube.
    Later after realizing my fault, I contacted mac app store support and enquired regarding the quiery and requested for the refund, if possible. I got the reply from mac app sore team that refund is posible on occasion of various scenario including faulty software, and bugs, etc. On account of missunderstanding, refund will not be possible, and they asked me to reach to the publisher. I respect that part for sure.
    Well if I say truly I spend around $10 just for no reason. But the better side of my mistake was, I used your software for first time. And I am amazed. Just Amazed. Like your User interface is like smooth. no lagging. and truly saying best youtube interface even better than That might be the reason your softwares are expensive. Well your hardwork reflects on your software (if you build all by your own).
    if I proceed to next part, I kindly request you one thing, though from my bottom of my heart I didn’t felt like my money got completely wasted compaired by the performance of the software I get. But if you understand US $10 really worth to me very very much its like INR 500.00+ in my country. Which is for sure a heavy amount.
    Since I had already paid for the software once, if you can provide me any tool to download the videos from youTube, That will be great from your end. I kindly insist, elsewhere If I had to pay the full amount for the redownload of the same software I might not be having that much money to spend again.

    Please Help. I would be expectively waiting for your responce, Please don’t let my whole $9.99 go.

    Keenly Awaiting for your response.

    Pratik Nag

    • Flavio says:

      Hi Pratik, thanks for the getting Minitube! Don’t worry, I just sent you the “site” version of Minitube, which is capable of downloading videos. I always send it for free when Mac App Store users ask for it. If you like Minitube, please rate it or review it on the MAS!

    • Pratik Nag says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.. infinite times. As I said this was the best software I ever used for youtube. And you must not tell me to rate it. Even if you would not send me site version, still i would rate it Positive. Tryly, it reflect your hard work.
      Thank You again.

      A Recent Flavio Fan
      Pratik Nag

  11. Cri says:

    UI suggestion: bind Ctrl-K to give focus to the search box (like in Firefox)

  12. netnomad says:

    hi flavio,

    but there is a new behavior in the playlist:
    in previous versions minitube started automatically the next media in the list,
    now it stays on one media and repeats it again and again in a loop.
    i tried several config parameters, but didn’t succeed to get the past common manner.

    do you have any hint?
    thank you in advance.

  13. masterdany88 says:

    Hey I wonna submit a translation error in polish version.
    In menu where is string “Halp znaczy pomoc”, should be at least “Help znaczy pomoc”, but I will replace it with Only string “Pomoc”

    Next thing is that it doesnt work on ubuntu precise 64bits. there is a sound but no video.

  14. Cri says:

    Hi, I upgraded to 1.7.1 (latest Debian package) and I noticed that now many videos have trouble loading: minitube just displays the initial video description screen, the progress bar stops at ~90% and the video never starts playing. This would happen very seldom in previous releases, but it’s happening much more frequently now.

    Don’t know if it’s a minitube regression, or youtube changed anything, sorry for not providing much detail, hope this helps :/

    Thanks for your great work!

  15. Craig says:

    Hey Linux fans,

    Got a problem…… My Minitube keeps stalling and skipping songs or either just does’t play them, can anyone help please??

    I have already re-installed it and cant find the problem!!!

    Craig from Cardiff WALES :d

  16. phil leach says:

    I have used minitube for some time with out any problem.
    Now when I turn it on and pick a subject,a list of videoes comes up.
    When I click on a video the entire page shuts down.
    When I click on the minitube icon again and bring up the page the same thing happens.
    Do you have an answer.

    • Flavio says:

      Hi Phil, you have to update to the latest version, 1.9. If you purchased Minitube, just contact me via email for support.

  17. EDWIN says:

    dear sir l have the full version of minitube 2.1.3 but when l search a video it loads about 8 seconds and start again l use it in windows7 32bit the video will not play fully, please sir help me l like minitube because it is a grate software to me it is my tv.