Musique A finely crafted music player

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Musique is a music player built for speed, simplicity and style. Read more

  • Look them in the face Browse your collection by artists pictures and album covers.
  • Lyrics Musique will find and show the song lyrics in the Info View, hiding everything but what's related to the currently playing track.
  • Browse folders and files Browse your music the way you organized it.
  • Playback made simple Musique's play queue is always visible on the right. Drag music to the play queue, edit it and clear it easily.
  • Great app! I really like this efficient simplicity.

  • Wow thank you so much for this awesome player I absolutely love it.

  • For once a music player with a media library that doesn’t lag while viewing my library or searching! Having over 100,000 MP3s can be a strain on most players. Great job!

  • I found Musique a great but simply effective work, it gave me again the pleasure to listen music and discover unknown lyrics from songs that I heard a lot of times without understanding their whole text. The artist faces give it an extra thrust to its beauty.

  • This is the best music player I’ve used so far. :) Really love it.

  • Thx for my new default music player :D

    Tim Kopplow
  • It’s simple, and suits well for my library, and it seems pretty lightweight too!

  • Fast, beautiful and useful ! That’s everything I need for my netbook, thank you !

  • This is a great player. It does one thing, and it does it well.

  • Thanks for the wonderful player. Its simple and makes me WANT to listen to music. :)

  • i tried a lot of audio players before, but when i started using musique realized it was all i needed. It’s just perfect the way it is.

  • Wow, with such an interface I am rediscovering my music library again and am happy about every piece of music for the second time.

    Ben G
  • Flavio, this player is just perfect, please don’t change a bit in it. I simply love it.

    Wojtek Arabczyk
  • I much prefer a simple, elegant and opinionated music player like Musique than an all-performing behemoth like iTunes.

  • Musique UX is delightful..