Here comes Minitube 1.9!

So today I woke up and read the emails about Minitube crashing and YouTube replying with error codes. I had a new version in store ready to be released. Actually I had already submitted it to the Mac App Store. So I quickly adapted to the new YouTube stuff and, while I was at it, fixed the division by zero crash that was triggered by the failed requests.

Now I’m off to work on fixing Musictube too. When I have more time I’ll add something about the new features. For now you just get to read the changelog:

  • Adapted to YouTube changes
  • New search filter UI. Filter results by publication date, video duration and video quality.
  • Sort by rating
  • Search spell suggestions: “Did you mean…”
  • New downloads are now added at the top of the list
  • Video definition indicator while downloading videos
  • Simple integration with Buffer app
  • Better fullscreen experience on the Mac: sidebar shows when the mouse hits the left side, mouse and playlist autohide
  • Compatible with OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper
  • Partial Retina Display support. Still using 1x bitmaps because of Qt not being ready
  • OS X Mountain Lion notifications when a download finishes
  • Fixed flickering in fullscreen controls on Linux, also playlist and toolbar now autohide
  • New and updated translations. Thanks to all the translators involved!

And by the way, Ubuntu users vote for this bug!

  1. Ries de Bruin (Holland) says:

    Today my minitube-player ( which I have got from you ) is doiing nothing anymore. May I ask you for new software.
    I have deleted the software of the not doiing player. Many thanks!!!!

    Greetings from Ries de Bruin

  2. k meyer says:

    I’ve tried many times on my MAC (OS X vers.10.5.8) -Intel Core Duo….and “Mini Tube” does not work…it just searches -then stalls….could you please tell me if I’m just wasting my time.
    n my other Mac mini “Your App” works great !!!!
    Thank you for your efforts.
    your supporter,
    k meyer (WA,USA)

  3. Dheepan says:

    It works perfectly in Ubuntu 12.10, except for some GTK errors and some response lag… But it does download videos fast and playback is smooth..

  4. Mary Stuart says:

    Where do I go to download 1.9?
    I’m new to Ubuntu. Any instructions on upgrading from Version 1.6?

  5. Patti Blankenship says:

    You are the best! Thank you for keeping us up to date. MiniTube is still my favorite application. I use it every day and always tell my friends about it.

  6. Philip Rebohle says:

    By the way, will you switch to GStreamer 1.0 on Linux? Maybe it doesn’t suffer from as many playback bugs as the 0.10 branch does…

  7. rob ploeg says:

    Hi, Also just noticed getting error 202 since a few days. Running suse 12.1 (Linux 3.1.10-1.16-default x86_64)nand was running minitube 1.5 succesfully since some days ago. although i upgraded to 1.8 no luck.
    There is not a oneclick in suse. Please advice how to solve/handle?

    tks in advance for your help.


  8. Den says:

    What the?
    /minitube/minitube: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    ( installed phonon (4:4.7.0really4.6.0-0ubuntu1))

  9. Joshua Dunamis says:

    I’m using Minitube 1.9 on Chakra Linux (from official repo). The player doesn’t work fine. Some videos are reproduced, other not!!!

    It’ only for me? Example: load the white bar but it stops and no video is showed a part the title. Other videos work fine.

  10. David F Kinney says:

    I sent you payment via paypal. When and where do I get registration number to register the software.


  11. Pratik Nag says:

    Thank You, and I must say, you are the best.

  12. S. Randolph says:

    Ubuntu Software Center has non functioning version 1.5.1 When will they have version 1.9?


  13. Pratik Nag says:

    Please make it fully compatible to Retina Display.

  14. Andrzej says:

    apparently a new version of Minitube, except that there is no option in version 1.8. Currently, I have a registered version of Minitube. I wanted to upgrade the latest version, but it does not go to me

  15. Himanshu says:

    Can I get v1.9 for ubuntu 10.04 (lucid lynx) ?
    Do I have to buy? Can i make 2 installations (work/home)?

    • Flavio says:

      No Minitube for Linux is Free Software. Install it where you want, but I’m not doing packaging for it so ask around.

  16. ponce says:

    Hi Flavio,

    thanks for your app!
    I’m trying it on the fresh released slackware64-14.0 and it seems to work only inside kde: launching it from other DEs complains not being able to connect to phonon.
    Is it mandatory to run it inside a kde session?
    Thanks in advance :)

  17. ltlollo says:

    my qtcreator complains that is not included in qtlocalpeer.cpp to use getuid(),
    is that ok?

  18. ltlollo says:

    unistd.h is not included

  19. Philippe says:

    Could you please provide us with a list of the main features you will add to your application.
    I, personally, would like to get a button to go back by 5 sec. Are you planning to add this feature?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  20. sebastian says:

    Thank for you minitube is a great program, easy and powerfull… thank

  21. Mark says:


    Hi! Tks for this. My whole family has used it for over a year across various Ubuntu flavours – but it keeps having problems with the various dependencies, esp Phonon/GStreamer. Basically it’s great, but requires a lot of maintenance from sysop ‘Dad’. Have yu considered dumping phonon in favour of VLC as a backend? VLC 2.xx is, for me, the undisputed King in ‘just play the damn thing’ land …


    • Flavio says:

      You’re right about dependencies problems on Linux. There have been lots of problems lately. Phonon-GStreamer and GStreamer itself have shipped with various bugs. I tried to workaround them when possible.

      Minitube is a crossplatform app and Phonon does help. So I still think it’s a good choice. My plan is to drop Phonon for QtMultimedia when Qt 5 is ready. That will still depend on GStreamer on Linux but hopefully will do a better job.

  22. Mark says:

    Tks Flavio. I saw on Linux Action Show that GStreamer has now only got one developer. There’s also a major bug in it concerning Radio Stations which affects Banshee, which hasn’t been fixed for over a year now. It’s a major groan …

    Looking forward to Qt5 then – I see it’s almost ready. Thanks for all your hard work.


  23. remo says:

    Hi still not sure ….can I make playlist with different artist like in Itunes……and name them like




  24. joe says:

    I do not know how to update I have been using the version mac web. Please tell me!

    The current version 1.7.1
    os 10.8.2

  25. crankypuss says:

    Hi, Flavio. I had minitube 1.5 installed on Ubuntu 11.10 and it was working great… then after not using it for a long while, I tried it again and the YouTube changes had messed it up.

    So I installed 1.9 from the ppa you listed above, and it appeared to work… except it would download a video and start playing it, and after maybe 15-20 seconds it would stop playing it and appeared to go on to the next video.

    For now, I’ve uninstalled it. I’m hoping a later version will bring it “back to life”. Actually what I’m really hoping is that you’ll take the expertise you’ve developed building minitube and turn it into a replacement for Adobe Flash.

  26. Alexander says:

    I’m running 1.9 and my videos start for a few seconds and then the playlist skips to the next video. There needs to be a settings interface menu. I can’t set directories without clicking for something to download and changing it from that screen. I cannot jog the track of the video to a set time without it stopping and skipping onto the next video in the playlist. The quality of the video cannot be adjusted in the middle of the video. Tried doing so, and nothing improves nor changes. I would like to be able to just simply double click the video to make the screen full or to bring it back to normal. I’m afraid to click or touch anything especially in a video that last more than just a few minutes fearing it will start back over and then not being able to jog to that specific time in the video. A few more things I’ll relay to you on a later date. Please fix this, and I’m sure this would be a wickedly unrivaled program. I can download vids with easy and without difficulty. When the vids ACTUALLY play the speed of the stream is fantastic!

  27. Alexander says:

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit

  28. Downloaded 1.9. No video, got sound thou. Using restricted extras and flash.
    System up to date and all drivers. Can some one advise please?

  29. Thanks. This program rocks. Was easy fix. Keep up the good work.

  30. Daniel says:

    Help me please,
    how to download the clips?

  31. Alexander says:

    Recently updated to 2.0 I read on the homepage to enter the link in the code box, but I keep recieving “Invalid Code” message. So I keep getting trial version timers a few minutes into the video. I emailed you, and haven’t recieved a response. Thanks for your reply.


  32. Tomasz says:


    I may have a suggestion. Maybe these feature is already there but I couldn’t find it.

    Can I play videos from my “Favorite videos” playlist ? I tired to use special get parameter from the playlist url but didn’t work.
    I think this feature would be very useful.


  33. romina says:

    Hi Flavio,
    I have 1.9 version of minitube.
    I use it in mint kde and in windows 7
    I have a problem .. the video load 3 seconds and goes to the next video everytime.
    Only the first use of the program work fine, after that allways produce this error.
    This happen in w7 and in kde
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Romina

  34. jibel says:

    Hi Flavio ,
    Sorry to disturb you , but I have a Problem with minitube sound since a (may be) cleaning folders with ubuntu-tweak but I’m not sure !? ( I’m with ubuntu salamander /saucy 13.10 ??? )
    Minitube 1.9 or 2.1.3 (I’m not sure about the minitube version is installed on the salamader saucy ???)
    It’s ok before this cleaning , this morning , I have also changing the NVIDIA version for a new one 319. something like this ? And may be the trouble shooting come from like that ?? I’m not sure to make the good choice about the Nvidia version to ?
    Can you tell me which one packages or griffons function with Minitube ? May be I can to go to synaptic looking for
    these packages is installed …………I don’t have also the sound when I used Youtube for see an Video , I suppose the trouble shooting is similar like this minitube , many thanks for your respons , regards Jibel 8-)