YouTube app for Windows, Mac and Linux

Minitube 2.9 released!

Hi all, here’s a new Minitube version that brings Minitube one step closer to Perfection™. The menu bar is now hidden by default on Windows and Linux. There is a new Chrome-like toolbar menu that contains actions not available in the rest of the UI.

I indulged a bit in code refactoring and cleanup, using more C++11 features. Minitube uses a little less memory and should be slightly faster now. Apart from that expect the usual slew of minor fixes and visual tweaks.

Enjoy and spread the word!

Minitube 2.8

Just a quick note to announce the release of Minitube 2.8. In this released I focused on improving the overall quality of the application by fixing small bugs and defects. Enjoy!

PS. Tomorrow I’m leaving for my usual mountain camping in Abruzzo, only leave kind comments!

Minitube 2.7 released!

Hi all, a new Minitube version is ready. This time I focused on a number visual style improvements. The main toolbar with the media controls is only shown when viewing videos and doesn’t clutter other views.

On macOS I fixed an annoying bug with sidebar resizing.

On Windows and Linux the menu bar can now be hidden by pressing ALT.

On Linux I dropped custom styling for sliders, icons and the tab bar so Minitube will closely follow your system theme. Also the fullscreen experience is improved with overlay toolbar and sidebar that do not cause the video to resize.

GNOME users, beware of the Software app! It fails to install the deb when there is an older version in the repositories. You’ll have to resort to command line: sudo dpkg -i minitube.deb

Enjoy this update!

Minitube 2.6

Minitube 2.6 is now available with a hotfix for VEVO videos. But there’s more to it. There’s a new “Restricted Mode” that blocks inappropriate content. This is obviously a plus if you use Minitube for kids entertainment. Minitube now prevents the display from sleeping when the user is idle. I know, this should have been there from day 1… but finally I managed to do it. Enjoy!

Minitube 2.5.2 & Musictube 1.5.3

Another quick bug fix release for Minitube and Musictube. Get it and enjoy the festive period!

Minitube 2.5.1 & Musictube 1.5.2

Just a quick note to let you know that minor updates of Minitube and Musictube are out, solving an issue with VEVO videos. Enjoy!

Minitube 2.5

Minitube 2.5

The is the first Minitube version based on Qt 5. Qt 5 brings HiDPI (Retina Display) support, OSX-style scrollbars and better accessibility on Mac. I had to completely rewrite the toolbar for Mac, as the Qt 5 toolbar does not really behave as the native one. The result is a much better looking Mac toolbar.

I took the opportunity the rework icons, fonts and style across the whole app. 2.5 is by far the cleanest and tidiest Minitube ever.

With Qt 5 I decided to drop support for OS X 10.6, which is becoming a real pain to support. My advice for those still running Snow Leopard is updating to 10.10 (which is free, by the way).

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • Upgraded to Qt 5
  • HiDPI (aka Retina Display) support
  • Mac style overhaul: new toolbar, lighter fonts & tabs
  • Reworked icons on Mac & Windows
  • Status Bar hidden when not needed: less clutter, more room for videos
  • Clickable links in video description
  • Autoadjust window size (Bye, useless black bars!)
  • Smart date formatting: 3 hours ago, 1 month ago, etc.
  • When opening the YouTube webpage the video now starts from where it left in Minitube
  • Fixed videos restarting after long pause
  • Dropped support for OS X 10.6
  • New and updated translations. A big thank you to the translators!

Minitube 2.4


This release is about porting Minitube to the new YouTube APIs, version 3. The old ones are going to be switched off in a few weeks so everybody make sure to update.

Minitube is now using HTTPS everywhere for better privacy and security. Also, Minitube now loads 50 results instead of 10 so finding the right video now requires even less clicking.

The Windows and Mac version ship with LibVLC 2.2.0. This should solve playback issues reported by a few Windows users. On Ubuntu, the “Ambiance” style toolbar is now back.

A note for Linux packagers

Minitube sources moved to GitHub. YouTube API version 3 requires an API key. Each key has a limited “quota”. In order to build you need your own API key. Check the file for details.

Minitube 2.3


Hi all, this release brings many under-the-hood changes. The biggest one is the switch from QuickTime to VLC as the multimedia engine on the Mac. Windows users also get a major update to the VLC libraries used which should solve many reported issues. The switch to a newer VLC also brings much better and reliable video seeking and faster video start, especially with longer ones.

Feature-wise, Minitube can now create video snapshots (i.e capture frames) at full resolution just by pressing a key. Bloggers and social media users will probably put this feature to good use. The search suggestions that popup while you type received some usability and style enhancements.

Minitube now supports Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) and works again on Snow Leopard (10.6).

On the Linux side, I decided to stop publishing Minitube via the Ubuntu Software Center: updates were approved too slowly and getting feedback was always hard. Starting from this release, I’ll take care of .deb packages directly on this site.

  • Take video snapshots at full resolution
  • Faster and more reliable seeking
  • Faster video start with longer videos
  • Slide transition in playlist navigation
  • Make the volume handle red when volume is zero
  • Enhancements to the search suggestions
  • The Mac version is now 64bit and uses the VLC engine to play videos
  • Fixed minor style issues with Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10
  • Restored compatibility with Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6
  • The Windows version has been updated to the latest VLC
  • The Ubuntu & Debian version is now shipped as a .deb on the site. Goodbye Ubuntu Software Center!
  • New and updated translations

Minitube 2.2

I rushed out this release because of playback problems with some YouTube videos. I had minor fixes and improvements ready so they’re included as well.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 17.11.12Previously one could not unsubscribe from a deleted channel. This is fixed by adding a context menu with an Unsubscribe command and while I was there I added Marked as Watched too.

For all the geeks, there’s a new --stop-after-this command line option so you can gracefully end playback from a SSH shell. For Linux people there’s a corresponding GNOME 3 action.

Next developments for Minitube will include porting it to Qt5 and replacing Phonon with libvlc. Have a great summer!

  • Subscriptions context menu: Unsubscribe, Mark as Watched
  • Added –stop-after-this command line switch
  • Added Stop After This Video Unity & Gnome 3 action
  • Fixed painting errors when scrolling playlist on Linux
  • Fixed bug with dragging playlist items from the thumbnail
  • Fixed some videos not playing
  • Updated translations