Minitube 3.1

Here’s a quick update to Minitube. It mainly fixes some videos skipping. Another important bug fix is for audio playback not resuming after long pauses.

As always, thanks to translators on Transifex and contributors on Github.

  1. Doug Laidlaw says:

    I like Minitube a lot. I tried to compile the latest from Git, but I didn’t have a full enough development system. I am running nVidia, and their drivers are a real headache at the moment.

  2. xarai says:

    Just installed Minitube version 3.1 for Windows (10) and it works great! Thank you Flavio, Mille grazie Flavio!

  3. Angelico says:

    Is there a Minitube version for Debian 9 (or 10) 32 bits?

  4. GuidoL says:

    like on the version 3.0 I got a probem with version 3.1 :(
    When I do open the video in the browser and save the video I do get a video without sound :(

    I did try this different times and got the same experience.

    Some days ago I used v2.9, but with this the app didnt find the video for playing. Iam only getting the preview-picture.

    For downloading videos I could only use the newest version of the commanline-tool youtube-dl.
    With this Iam getting the video with sound.

    Do you got an idea where could be the problem?

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