Minitube 3.4

Here’s another Minitube release. These are the main changes:

  • 0-9 keyboard shortcuts to navigate video
  • Left and Right arrow keyboard shortcuts to seek 10 seconds
  • New icons
  • Fixed layout bug when window is maximized on macOS
  • Fixed playback for some videos
  • Updated Polish and Japanese translations


  1. Rokko says:

    After updating from 3.3 to Version 3.4 on Ubuntu 20.04 it will have some google api code for using it.
    Never was it before on any other Versions of Minitube! Please remove it from.
    Google sect should be never feeding with personal Data! F* the dumb US Companies!

  2. Rokko says:

    Thanks Flavio!!!

    Now is it working well as before :)
    There is one little bug -maybe just on my System- , if i click on a Video for play it it plays without sound and i have to click to the next one and click back to the one before for playing it with sound.
    Little annoying but it works. This same bug was present on 3.3 too on Ubuntu 20.04 and 19.10.
    I have a “normal” Intel onboard CPU with Realtek soundchip.

  3. Tonio says:

    Minitube 3.4 ask me for a Google API key (Kubuntu).

    I don’t found one at https: //

    And I don’t understand how get one from :

    Where found the API key?


  4. Rokko says:


    maybe you have the wrong one 3.4 version of yesterday, install the new .deb file again

    If it ask again for the API key, just click the cancell button -click it away- and restart Minitube again.
    After this it was working for me !! :)

  5. Tonio says:

    I’ve fanaly get a API key from Google (I’ve create a project).
    URL :


  6. XaRaI says:

    Just installed Minitube version 3.4 for Linux (Solus 4.1 Fortitude) and it works great! Thank you Flavio, Mille grazie Flavio!

  7. XaRaI says:

    Minitube version 3.4.2 for Linux (Solus) works also great! Thank you Flavio :-).

    • Rokko says:

      Hi XaRal,

      can you please build a installable Minitube.eopkg for Solus and upload it somewhere?


  8. Rokko says:

    Dear Flavio,

    the Sound Bug is gone on Ubuntu 20.04 with the updated Version 3.4.2 ! What have you done? :)
    Thank you soo much!!!

  9. XaRaI says:

    G’day Rokko, Try this link
    No Support and no Warranty use at own risk !

    • Rokko says:

      Hi XaRaI,

      that was quick, thank you!
      It works well and i am glad i can use it not only on Ubuntu. :)

  10. XaRaI says:

    G’day Rokko, Nice that it works you :-). Total credits goes of course to Flavio, for his beautiful software.