Minitube 3.5 and Musictube 1.13

I had to rush this release because Google restricted the Youtube API only to manually approved projects. And their terms forbid any other viewer apart from their own.

So I ported Minitube to use the Invidious API. Linux users will not need a Google API key anymore. So I guess this is an enhancement for them. Donations are welcome (hint hint).

Musictube 1.13 is out too, with the same change.

Have a great summer!

  1. Rokko says:

    Thank You Flavio for the quick update ( i thought linux users can’t use Minitube anymore without Google API key ) and the new 3.5 works again!

    -Hi XaRal,

    can you please build a installable Minitube.eopkg for Solus again – as last time- and upload it somewhere?
    Thank you for sharing it with Solus OS users! :)

  2. XaRaI says:

    Hello happy people and Rokko,
    Here you can download a Solus package with version 3.5 of Minitube. Grazie Flavio, questo funziona ancora meglio.
    Great job!

  3. Rokko says:

    Hi XaRaI,

    you are unbelievable fast! Thank you, it works well on my Solus Machine.

    Hi Flavio,

    i have noticed a little bug – i think causes by the Invidious API key (maybe) –
    Some of the subscribed channels are not sorted by Date.
    For example this one:

  4. Rokko says:

    Hi XaRaI,

    unfortunetely i can not install the update of the 3 suggested Files on Solus.
    Can you please write a Tutorial or create and upload it again?

    Thank for you both

  5. XaRaI says:

    Hi Rokko, and Happy People ,
    What do you mean with “unfortunetely i can not install the update of the 3 suggested Files on Solus.” ?
    What exactly is the problem?
    Hope, i can help you, but i’m just a amateur fan of Minitube and Solus linux.
    My main operating system is Windows 10.
    Greetings, XaRaI.

  6. Rokko says:

    When you start Minitube, there is a Message in the middle with light yello Background:
    “An update is ready to be installed. Quit and install update.”
    If you click on it, Minitube closed and the file manager open automatically 3 Files:
    1. control.tar.xz
    2. data.tar.xz
    3. debain-binary

    From here, i dont know where to pack / install it – this is for Ubuntu- so maybe its not possible and the only solution would be tot compile it for Solus etc.

    Thank you !

    • XaRaI says:

      Hello Happy people and Rokko,

      Flavio probably forgot to mention that a new version 3.5.1 has been released. It is in the .deb format and not suitable for Solus. To use it in Solus it needs to be packaged in a different format (.eopkg). I have prepared version 3.5.1 at this location
      Good luck and stay safe.

  7. Rokko says:

    Hi XaRaI,

    i think the 3.5.1 is just a bugfix Version of the 3.5 Version and it have a message function integrated, so we can see if a new Version ha been released.

    Thank you XaRaI for compiling it again, it works well :)
    Subscribed channels can still not loading because this works only with the Google API i think!

    Best Greetings to you all