Minitube 2.9 released!

Hi all, here’s a new Minitube version that brings Minitube one step closer to Perfection™. The menu bar is now hidden by default on Windows and Linux. There is a new Chrome-like toolbar menu that contains actions not available in the rest of the UI.

I indulged a bit in code refactoring and cleanup, using more C++11 features. Minitube uses a little less memory and should be slightly faster now. Apart from that expect the usual slew of minor fixes and visual tweaks.

Enjoy and spread the word!

  1. D says:

    Where is the Video quality Select option now? believe it or not I still use minitube on my acer aspire one with a BCM70012 and it works (with a bit of patience and tweaking and yes I had to compile the 32bit version myself) but with Minitube 2.9 it auto selects 1080p and unfortunately that wont play well but 720p works perfectly is video quality option removed? or just moved? thanks :D

  2. eugene says:

    Hi Flavio,

    Dusting off my old windows things and went to boot minitube, it said there was an update available. I’m on 2.5 and don’t see a way to update to 2.9… any advice would be appreciated, thanks

    • Flavio says:

      If the autoupdate does not work, just download again from this site. I recently switched the site to HTTPS and that’s probably the cause.

  3. Apostol Bakalo says:


    I see that the license of the application is GPL. Is the source code available anywhere?

  4. anon says:

    Nice job!

    I hadn’t used MiniTube for about a year now and it looks like you’ve improved it quite a bit with these last few updates. Only thing i would like remaining is the ability to select a download quality of say 360p and then quickly click off videos on the left side column to be downloaded. Also the option to automatically save any video that you’ve watched in the cache and then make that an actual file that you can watch later as well because some of us still have limited bandwidth.


    one more – the filename should be appended as Minitube_v2.9.exe etc and if we hover over the filename it should reveal this info and also x64 x32 in future otherwise as it is now we cant even see version info

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