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Musique 1.7

Just a quick note to announce Musique 1.7. This release fixes missing artist images. These pics were previously taken from the API which unfortunately stopped offering this feature. Musique now uses the Discogs API to fetch artist images.

Musique 1.6

The new Genres tab

Hot on the heels of Minitube 3.0, here’s a new Musique release.

Musique 1.6 introduces Genres. A new tab will show your music library automatically organised by genres, subgenres and decades. For example, you’ll see a Rock item. If you double-click it you will a get a list of subgenres like Alternative and Grunge. In this example, if you play the Rock item you will play all rock songs including Alternative and Grunge.

Musique now supports macOS Mojave Dark Mode. This also helps with dark themes on Windows and Linux.

Under the hood there are big changes. MPV is the new multimedia engine. Gapless playback is definitely better than before for file formats that support it. All other libraries such as Qt and Taglib have been updated to the latest version.

Musique is a free download for Mac, Windows & Linux users so give it a try and spread the word. Enjoy!

Musique 1.5 now free on Mac & Windows!

I’ve got a small holiday gift for you: starting from this release Musique is free on Mac and Windows! Spread it to your friends and parents still wrapping their heads around the iTunes mess!

Version 1.5 sports a reworked icon and various style improvements including a new toolbar on macOS, brand new icons and Retina display (aka HiDPI) support. Musique now supports multiple disk and multiple artists albums (i.e. compilations). Various minor bugs have been fixed and translations updated.

Musique doesn’t try to display “correct” song/album titles and artist names anymore. It was never a full-fledged solution and some users didn’t even like it. I developed Finetune to be a complete solution for automatically fixing music tags. Try it.

Happy holidays!

Musique 1.4

  • Added out of the box support on Mac OS X for many audio formats thanks to the new VLC-based engine:
    FLAC, OGG Vorbis, Monkey’s Audio (APE), Musepack (MPC), WavPack (WV), True Audio (TTA) and others

  • Style refresh to make Musique feel at home on OS X Yosemite and Windows 8
  • Enhancements to the search suggestions
  • Make the volume handle red when volume is zero
  • Hide the status bar when in the Info View
  • Remote collections: do not update collection if dir does not exist or is empty
  • Added –stop-after-this command line switch
  • Fixed duplicate tracks when playing an artist
  • The Mac version is now 64bit and works on 10.6 or later
  • The Windows version has been updated to the latest VLC
  • Linux: Added Stop After This Video Unity & Gnome 3 action
  • Goodbye Ubuntu Software Center!
  • New and updated translations

Musique 1.3

I’m quite happy to announce Musique 1.3. This update adds the much requested artist and albums sorting. The playlist look has been slightly reworked and now sports album cover thumbnails.

1.3 also includes many bug fixes and important performance improvements in the Artist and Album views.

Ubuntu users can update to 1.3 by installing musique-ubuntu on the Ubuntu Software Center (in a few days, when Musique is approved). From now on I’ll personally take care of updates so you can count on always having the latest version.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Album and artist sorting
  • Album covers in the playlist
  • Faster artist and album views
  • Notification at end of collection scan
  • Notification support on Ubuntu
  • Gapless playback (Only works on Linux with the GStreamer Phonon backend)
  • Find more local covers (added GIF, PNG, BMP and JPEG file types)
  • Fixed homonymous albums from different artists being erroneously merged
  • Fixed albums not correctly sorted when playing an artist
  • Fixed play icon hover animation in Folders view
  • Fixed lyrics showing showing garbage in some cases
  • Fixed handling of tracks that have no associated album
  • New and updated translations. A big thank you to the translators!

Musique 1.2.1 released

This is just a minor release for Musique. 1.2.1 includes a significant speed up in the way artist photos and album cover are painted to screen. This makes scrolling faster. Autoupdating Windows and Mac versions. Updated toolbar style for Windows and Ubuntu.

  • Faster painting of artist photos and album covers
  • Autoupdate on Mac and Windows
  • Updated Windows toolbar style
  • Ubuntu Ambiance theme integration
  • Fixed system language settings detection
  • New and updated translations

Musique 1.2 released

This update focuses on polish and fixes a showstopper bug that caused artist names from to be read incorrectly. All users are advised to rescan their collections. Basically Musique was parsing data from in a rather sloppy way and new data in the web services replies triggered the bug. All is well and good now.

Here’s the full change log:

  • Fixed wrong artist names, please rescan your collection
  • Long artist names and album titles displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed disabled Info button when the playlist finishes
  • Better playlist drag’n’drop support
  • OS X Mountain Lion notifications
  • Mac Sandbox support
  • Compatible with OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper
  • Partial Retina Display support. Still using 1x bitmaps because of Qt not being ready
  • Fixed search box being erroneously focused on the Mac
  • Fixed wrong localization of some menu items on the Mac
  • Added missing menu item to restore hidden window, as per the OS X HIG
  • Unity & GNOME 3 actions (aka Quicklists)
  • CLI
  • New and updated translations

Musique 1.1 released

I’m happy to announce the release of Musique 1.1! This release brings many improvements. I tried to listen to user feedback and set priorities accordingly. scrobbling finally comes to Musique with a streamlined UI. I hope you’ll appreciated the effort I made trying to avoid clutter and keep the app “preferences-free”.

The music collection scanning has seen various improvements. It is now much faster. At least 2x or 3x faster. Photos are found for a greater number of artists. Track titles are now corrected automatically using data from Album covers are loaded from image files following common naming conventions such as “cover.jpg”, “front.jpg” and “folder.jpg”. Album covers embedded in audio files are also supported. Once the scanning process is complete, remote album covers and artist photos will start downloading in the background.

Lyrics embedded in MP3 files are now supported.

Album release year inside tags has now precedence over often incorrect release year.

On Windows, an important bug causing duplicate tracks after a rescan has been fixed. On the Mac, the UI has been enhanced by using the native, rounded search box and a new style for the sliders. Also application menu items such as “Quit” and “About” should be properly localized for languages other than English.

Enjoy and spread the word about Musique!

Minitunes renamed to Musique

I finally made a decision on the new name for Minitunes. Thanks to all the people who made interesting suggestions. I think Musique is a cool name. Very simple and self-evident.

Anyway, this is not just a rename. It is a new release that brings even more polish to Minitunes Musique.

A disk-based HTTP cache speeds things up, especially if you’re going to rescan your library. Support for Mac OS X Lion full-screen mode has been added. On Mac and Windows there is a nice crossfade between views. A crash when quitting the app while scanning the music collection has been fixed. Also a long standing bug with missing application icon in Linux packages has been fixed.

Another big news is that finally we have a Windows version. So Musique is now fully crossplatform. Spread the word to friends using Windows!

A new name for Minitunes

So I submitted Minitunes to the Mac App Store and got rejected because of the app name. I tried to argue with the reviewer but he wouldn’t reply to my arguments. He just told me I can “appeal” the decision. I thought long about what to do and decided not to appeal. Even if Minitunes is accepted, it could always be rejected on future updates. Keeping the name means being vulnerable. Please no “Apple sucks” comments, we all know many of their policies should be outlawed. Now let’s try to be constructive.

Do you have an idea for the new name? It could be just a name or combination of name and icon concept. I’d like to keep the name about music. No animal names and such.

If we don’t come out with anything interesting, I may try to appeal the decision and stick with Minitunes. But I highly doubt it will work.