Musique 1.5 now free on Mac & Windows!

I’ve got a small holiday gift for you: starting from this release Musique is free on Mac and Windows! Spread it to your friends and parents still wrapping their heads around the iTunes mess!

Version 1.5 sports a reworked icon and various style improvements including a new toolbar on macOS, brand new icons and Retina display (aka HiDPI) support. Musique now supports multiple disk and multiple artists albums (i.e. compilations). Various minor bugs have been fixed and translations updated.

Musique doesn’t try to display “correct” song/album titles and artist names anymore. It was never a full-fledged solution and some users didn’t even like it. I developed Finetune to be a complete solution for automatically fixing music tags. Try it.

Happy holidays!

  1. RJ says:

    Can u make a portable version?

  2. Atertus Coveni says:

    Ciao Flavio,
    solo per farti sapere che nella versione 1.5 (il mio sistema è KDE Neon) i colori della pagina di informazioni sul pezzo rendono la lettura difficile (è dovuto allo sfondo grigio). Non avevo provato l’app da un anno e mi sembra che prima lo sfondo era nero con le scritture in bianco, proprio come sull’immagine presente sulla pagina del tuo sito, e la lettura era molto più piacevole.
    Comunque grazie mille per questa applicazione fantastica, bella e funzionale.

  3. Ange says:

    Bonjour, je tiens à remercier celui, celle ou ceux qui ont conçu ce simple et merveilleux logiciel je suis en train de l’utiliser en ce moment même il est super pas gourmant du tout simple et complet je tourne sur linux mint 18.2 et ça marche très bien

  4. kumar S says:

    Is there any way to incorporate equalizer in the App? Thank you for your time. Great Player by the way.

  5. Serhiy Kavetski says:

    English language version

  6. mzs112000 says:

    The latest version of both Musique and Minitube both conflict with “phonon4qt5-backend-vlc” on Ubuntu 18.04/Linux Mint 19.

  7. kk says:

    after the period of trime that I vtry I promise to . commment the truth for you

  8. Roland Kocherhans says:

    hello , I love the program, but it is not working . just when you install is ok. when you close de app und start again is not working.
    please, can you help me
    thanks a lot

    greetings from ibiza