Musique 1.3

I’m quite happy to announce Musique 1.3. This update adds the much requested artist and albums sorting. The playlist look has been slightly reworked and now sports album cover thumbnails.

1.3 also includes many bug fixes and important performance improvements in the Artist and Album views.

Ubuntu users can update to 1.3 by installing musique-ubuntu on the Ubuntu Software Center (in a few days, when Musique is approved). From now on I’ll personally take care of updates so you can count on always having the latest version.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Album and artist sorting
  • Album covers in the playlist
  • Faster artist and album views
  • Notification at end of collection scan
  • Notification support on Ubuntu
  • Gapless playback (Only works on Linux with the GStreamer Phonon backend)
  • Find more local covers (added GIF, PNG, BMP and JPEG file types)
  • Fixed homonymous albums from different artists being erroneously merged
  • Fixed albums not correctly sorted when playing an artist
  • Fixed play icon hover animation in Folders view
  • Fixed lyrics showing showing garbage in some cases
  • Fixed handling of tracks that have no associated album
  • New and updated translations. A big thank you to the translators!
  1. Dread Knight says:

    Awesome! Keep up the good work, can’t wait to try out the new version :)

  2. Theodore says:

    hey the new features are excellent thanks for the post!

  3. ikeluther says:

    Formidable !

  4. paul says:

    Hi! Great! But currently your app is listed as “closed source” in the Ubuntu Software Center. But it isn’t, right? It’s smart to submit it this way to keep it up to date but maybe you could check with Ubuntu/Canoncial if it’s possible to get the right license displayed? Would be cool :)

  5. Ronald Esteferson says:

    Hello, I’m Brazilian.
    Very good. If possible, make integration of your application with Ubuntu, so that the buttons “Play”, “Stop” and other work. Thank you.
    I am using Google Translate, hope everything is okay. haha ‘

  6. Meher says:

    An equalizer and this will be my application for music on my ubuntu ! Im using it right now anyway :D

  7. Ogu says:


    I love your previous release, but how could i install the new one? I find neither ppa nor deb, and the atp link do not work.

    Thanks in advance!

    Greetings from France – Ogu

  8. FUNGUS says:

    I’m using Trisquel 6.0 how can i install the new version? love this music player.

  9. Matias says:

    This is listed as closed source in Ubuntu Software Center and ask me to pay for some reason..

  10. Baz says:

    Any chance to get a ppa for the new version or a deb to download? I use Mint which doesn’t contain the Ubuntu Software Center.

  11. Hronom says:

    I installed it on kubuntu from software manager but i have 1.1 version. Please help me!

  12. DGel says:

    Hi, I just compiled Musique to test the latest version out (couldn’t find a new version in synaptic),
    looks great and works fine. However, I was wondering how you make a playlist from multiple artists / albums in
    musique? It seems I can select multiple albums using ctrl, and the title will get a blue background, but how do I make a playlist out of it?

    Also, as someone coming from Quod Libet, how advanced is the search feature?

  13. MrAli says:

    Hi. is there any chance for me to download and install it in ubuntu 12.04?
    musique-ubuntu doesn’t work also Download button too.

  14. Makaveli says:

    Can you please fix this problem, when it comes to end of playlist it doesnt stop playing it just keeps playing last track until you manually turn it off, and it would be great if there were an option where you can set to stop playing at track you choose or click or it and press stop here , btw great player, only problem is this with stopping playlist manually , tnx

  15. freeniki says:

    musique-ubuntu package is not avaible in repository Ubuntu 12.04/12.10/13.04/13.10!
    Avaible only musique 1.2.1.
    Where download musique 1.3?
    Please give link to deb-packages!!!
    I like this music player :)

  16. MLAYLANI says:

    Love the look of it,keep it up dude :)

  17. Makaveli says:

    I love this player , all that it needs is to STOP playing at the end of the playlist , I am using Gentoo/Sabayon Linux and the function stop after this track is not working everything else is superb , I think you’d have a commercial product if you would add few features more, I have some idea’s , I’d love to talk to you about it , tnx for making this great product :)

  18. Hello Jason says:

    There is no way to reduce on systemtray with KDE ?

  19. Mikel says:

    the player looks very nice, but works the player also with flac files under mac?
    Thanks for answer.

  20. Mikel says:

    Hi Flavio,
    Fluke no longer works an mac with mavericks :-( so “musique”-player can’t be used with flac files.


  21. Mikel says:

    Yes, I did. Sometimes there is an error: “oss-error-45″, sometimes a song runs, but without sound. Next I see the error report “oss-error-45″ again and no way to play a song. I cannot fix the problem. Really I think fluke and osx mavericks cannot agree. It’s a great pity that I have no idea to use musique player for my flac files. Only cover loading und info runs perfectly, the song-, album- and interpret lists too. surley a perfekt player for mp3 but not for apple unintended flac files.


  22. Angel G says:

    I’m Running PEAR OS 8 and I love MUSIQUE! but I can’t update to Musique 1.3 Is there anyway possible to use the terminal to upgrade manually? Please HELP!

  23. Wiko says:

    Hello !

    great player but i’m disappointed because Musique isn’t integrated in gnome (or others) with MPRIS to control my music with extension or sound menu… Many players have this function :(


  24. Ben says:

    I can’t access my music from an external hard drive. Every time I open musique it searches for music on my local music folder. And when I change the folder to an external hard drive, Musique will load the music; but will not find the same path after I re open.

  25. Alex says:

    Great player!!! Please add equalizer or option for use player on alsaequal on Ubuntu.

  26. Paulo Renato says:

    I installed musique-ubuntu on ubuntu 14.04 andit doesn’t start. What is wrong?

  27. usurer says:

    Nice player just add an equalizer and it would be perfect!

  28. blueray says:

    Scusate se scrivo in italiano: volevo chiedere se era previsto un futuro, come in Foobar, la possiblità di bypassare il controllo di livello software.

  29. So.Crates says:

    I’ve finally found a real winamp sustitution for linux. Musique has the step by step filter I can’t find anywhere else (First, choose the artist, then choose the artist’s albums and finally the albums’ tracks).