Bug Fixes & Happy Holidays

Just in time for Xmas, two bugfix releases are out: Minitube 2.1.5 and Musictube 1.2.6. These updates bring a fix for some YouTube videos that were not playing. I wish everybody happy holidays!

Ubuntu users will have to wait a few days until the updates are approved. Oh and by the way, I’m running a Minitube donation month in December on the Ubuntu Software Center by setting a $3.99 price on Minitube. Thanks to all the people that bought.

  1. Rakesh says:

    Dear Flavio,

    I discovered a bug in minitube: someone erased all his videos from his channel and moved to another channel name. I can’t unsubscribe from the empty channel, as it shows a dimmed star. Is there any file I can edit to fix this? I’m on Ubuntu. Also, the upgrade to 2.1.5 via the software centre doesn’t seem to work. I kinda miss the option to download the executable like before. :-)

    Thank you very much in advance and happy holidays,


  2. Kitanai Yatsu says:

    Good Day,

    I am trying to use Minitube behind a firewall. I am able to play YouTube video just fine through IE, Chrome, FF, etc. But I am unable to play video through Minitube. I get an error that the connection was refused. This is likely because Minitube isn’t using the system proxy settings. Other applications that display YouTube, but use the system proxy settings work fine.


    • Flavio says:

      Minitube does use the system proxy settings. You should tell us your OS. Also trobuleshooting belongs to the forums, not here.