Musictube 1.2.3 released

Just a quick note to announce the release of Musictube 1.2.3. This is a bugfix release. Here’s the complete list of changes:

  • Fixed playback of VEVO videos
  • Remember video visibility across sessions
  • Bigger 16:9 video thumbnails
  • Fixed some albums not loading tracks
  • Fixed some artists not loading albums
  • Fixed wrong character encoding in search suggestions
  • New and updated translations

Mac App Store and Ubuntu Software Center builds are waiting for review. Just wait a few days.

By the way, yesterday I released Minitube 2.1.1 with a fix for VEVO videos too.

  1. Denny Hugg says:

    Flavio, minitube is a very useful app. I have, however, had difficulty since version 1.6 with app freezing and requiring reboot (Ubuntu 12.04 Gnome) with some youtube videos. After six months of intermittent trouble-shooting attempts, we discovered yesterday some involvement with COMPIZ. The freezeup can be cleared (unknown manner of interaction) by activating CCSM (CompizConfig Settings Manager).

    Here is an example of a youtube offering that freezes Minitube-2.1.1 every time:

    I am continuing to work the freezeup with my limited Ubuntu skillset. I will communicate if anything changes.

    Very nice work!

    Denny Hugg Gulf Coast Mississippi USA

  2. Matei Corvin Marian says:


    When do you think is possible to get minitube 2.1.1 (code source for linux) to be compiled for other linux distributions such as Rosa Desktop Fresh R1? We are waiting already this for a while, but it seems nothing happens. As you already know we still have problems when we try to play videos from VEVO, because we are still running minitube 2.0.

    Best regards,

  3. Ricardo says:

    Hi dude, you’re awsome brow, i loved minitube and musictube!

    one question

    musictube will stop working if i only use in a test version? or will i keep using it in trial version?

    if i could i would buy it, but i’m completely broken lol