Minitube 2.4


This release is about porting Minitube to the new YouTube APIs, version 3. The old ones are going to be switched off in a few weeks so everybody make sure to update.

Minitube is now using HTTPS everywhere for better privacy and security. Also, Minitube now loads 50 results instead of 10 so finding the right video now requires even less clicking.

The Windows and Mac version ship with LibVLC 2.2.0. This should solve playback issues reported by a few Windows users. On Ubuntu, the “Ambiance” style toolbar is now back.

A note for Linux packagers

Minitube sources moved to GitHub. YouTube API version 3 requires an API key. Each key has a limited “quota”. In order to build you need your own API key. Check the file for details.

  1. Joshua Fogg says:

    Looks like another great release, and updated flawlessly. Keep up the good work!

  2. Marc_UK says:

    Is there any way of sorting the search results by, for instance, length, date and can you click to authors video too please ?
    if so, i am lookng to buy, if it will run on SL 10.6.8
    Hope so :)


    • Flavio says:

      Hi Marc, yes there is. Move the mouse over the playlist, a search icon appears on the bottom right corner. Click it and refine your search.