Announcing Minitube 1.1

Apparently YouTube changed something and broke many applications including Minitube. So here is a new working release! This release brings minor visual enhancements, various bug fixes and a new Chinese translation. Thanks to Levente Polyak, Zvonimir Đeri and Changtai Liang for contributing to this release.

The Mac version, just like Minitunes, is now offered at a modest price to sustain development. The new project page reflects these changes. Obviously Linux users are still invited to donate.

Get Minitube 1.1 now!

  1. Basti says:

    yes great, thanks. it runs now

  2. GT says:

    Hello Great job, it works “out of the box” on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.
    One remark, when I watch in full screen, the screen saver is not inhibited :(((
    Best regards

  3. Lace says:

    Seems media-playback-pause.png and other are missing from minitube/images in this 1.1 version.

  4. David A. says:

    Thanks very much for updating it, Flavio, much appreciated!

  5. David A. says:

    Ah you’ve moved it to a pay app, bummer :(

  6. armando says:

    tenia minitube hoy no puedo usarlo carga lo que busco pero no lo reproduce y salta de uno en uno gracias por todo

  7. […] for us Ferramosca Roberto, Minitube’s creator, found the bug and rolled out Minitube 1.1, allowing us to once again enjoy YouTube vids without opening our web browsers. As of this writing […]

  8. Timo D. says:

    This is just great! I have an external sound card and the sound of flash videos comes through my laptop speakers which is just… awful! Thanks to minitube I can watch all the videos my friends send me! Keep up this marvelous work!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    It would be nice to have somebodies channel list on youtube the same as somebodies channel list in minitube!

    And function where you can choose order of play of given search vids( video1, video5, …) (some button and mouse click)

  10. Spence says:

    I cannot get package to install for update. Suggestions?

  11. Nux says:

    Packages for Fedora 13:

    (probably needs the rpmfusion installed as well).

  12. null says:

    No icons ‘(play/pause, stop, skip, full screen, mute volume)’ on Xfce desktop environment.
    Any ideas?


  13. strk says:

    Uhm… ouch. I get occasional segfaults with this 1.1 binary.
    1.0 was pretty stable.
    Do you have the source code in a public repository for checkin latest development state ?
    And, where do you want (if anywhere) a backtrace ?

  14. Marco says:


    On (from Linux Ubuntu-9) i can not play videos fully because they loads themselves for about 10%, and after that they stops.

    With Minitube 1.1 all videos works fine. Thanks.