And the winner is…

Hey not so fast! First of all let me thank each and every contributor that took part in the contest. Many worthy ideas were suggested, much more than I expected. But one submission really stands apart from rest. When I saw it I was blown away. Without further ado, please join me in congratulating David Nel for his astonishing creation.

Expect a minor release very soon with this new icon and updated translations.

  1. SkyHook says:

    Very nice icon!
    it fits very well with the Oxygen Icon Theme, which is my favourite one.

  2. DnS says:

    WRONG !

    The winner is … the hypnotoad … all glory to the hypnotoad. * clap clap clap *

  3. Flavio says:

    @DnS I guess that’s a bad Futurama joke…

  4. 007Gorilla says:

    What i was thinking of was a more…Hi-Tech Widescreen TV With Minitube on it.