Minitube 2.5.2 & Musictube 1.5.3

Another quick bug fix release for Minitube and Musictube. Get it and enjoy the festive period!

  1. fabio says:


  2. Jose Piaggi says:


  3. andalù says:

    Minitube doesn’t work :( always this message:

    Error downloading jackson – server replied: Forbidden

  4. James Bowden says:

    minitube for artitic linux

  5. il Ventu says:

    Same problem: Minitube 2.5.2 from Arch Linux offical repo (GNOME 3.2). Identical version works from Ubuntu repo (Trusty Thar).


  6. Technics says:

    It’s impossible to download musictube 1.5.3 (for linux 32bits). It downloads 1.5.2 version, and that version doesn’t work. The program starts, you can search, but never plays, It seems like it can’t load the song, but no error is visible. I have tried in several computers with the same result.

    If I start the program in a terminal, it gives this error when you try to play any song:

    Cannot capture function “vr”
    Error in “vr(‘5111F2A321478F6CF3482D3B31FF8C7A57AD3F9D6D.346AAA80E1EDE7F4ECD50DDECEF49E00D0ED63F2’);” “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: vr”
    Error in “vr(‘A8C8EF00A93D1C254B325C68CC78B2A4801BB79AAB.B2881AC707E7913EEA8AF6EE417012371B94C14C’);” “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: vr”
    Error in “vr(‘A171FB4D6AE265B5744FE1D3C7D12F51A16051A27B.9857AF4099EAF36E09B3ECC776EAD586E06F0C07’);” “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: vr”
    Playing “https://r3—,9413280,9415426,9416126,9416891,9422596,9427483,9428398,9431012,9433096,9433380,9433850,9433946,9434600,9434614,9435527,9435783,9435850,9435876,9435988,9436129,9436606,9436973,9437066,9437103,9437552,9437948&requiressl=yes&sparams=dur,id,initcwndbps,ip,ipbits,itag,lmt,mime,mm,mn,ms,mv,nh,pl,ratebypass,requiressl,source,upn,expire&ms=au&id=o-AFIoZifQfYAq3OLUgcI1bBXr3O79hxZ_U6lHc89XRU4n&mv=m&pl=16&mt=1465323872&mn=sn-h5q7dn7s&mm=31&ipbits=0&ip=”

    • Flavio says:

      You’re right, for some reason 1.5.3 32bit is not there. Actually I’m planning to drop 32bit altogether for all my apps. Any reason to use Linux 32bit anymore?

  7. Lee says:

    I can not tie the API key
    Ubuntu 14.04.4
    minitube find video but not playing
    please give step by step instructions attach API KEY

  8. Leo says:

    same here , don t show any results. jackson – server replied: Forbidden
    hot to fix?
    your program is amazing for low end computers im using lubuntu
    and want try musictube app when the download as fixed.
    thanks for you effort.

  9. Mr. Miller says:

    I paid for and downloaded Musictube only to get the demo version. To get the extended version , I
    have to make an additional purchase. Which was not made clear before the purchase.
    I have had problems in the past trying to download his material. I thought the bugs would have been fixed.

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