Musictube 1.8 released

This new version of Musictube brings many refinements and bug fixes.

On Windows and Linux the menu bar is now hidden by default. A Chrome-like toolbar menu contains the few items that are not readily available in the UI. If preferred the menu bar can be easily restored by choosing “Toggle Menu Bar” (ALT).

I whipped up a new, more colourful icon. Let me know what you think about it!


    Acouple of seeks ago I bought musictube, I didn’t know there was a limit as to how many times I could use my license. SI would like to have it on may home PC and remove it from my laptop so I don’t exceed the license couynt. Is this possible??

  2. Loic PETTITI says:


    I have buy musictube, but now since few weeks, it stops to work.
    Music go next, go next and never plays.