Musictube 1.1 released

This update to the initial Musictube release brings polish, stability fixes and UI refinements to the app.

You can now browse artists similar to the one you’re listening to. A great way to discover new music. 1.1 also brings social sharing and supports Twitter, Facebook and Email. You can now set the maximum video resolution to 360p, 720p or 1080p. Higher video resolution also means higher audio quality. This Musictube version handles lesser known artists much better and skips YouTube videos that don’t really match the tracks in the playlist. The playlist is now restored across sessions and a Stop after this track command is now available.

Most importantly, two crashes have been fixed and the app is now rock solid. Also a bug with very short songs not playing has been fixed.

I hope you enjoy Musictube 1.1!

  1. filippo says:

    I’m Filippo, a Musictube fan.

    I have a problem with audio and video.

    If i try to see with Minitube 1.1 this video i see that Minitube 1.1 takes the best audio and the best video regardless of the choice of video options. In the options of video there are 360p, 720p and 1080 but there isn’t 240p and 480p.

    And i have problems using the studio/live/cover key: if i pass from one option to another too fast, for example from live to cover and then to studio, then i listen a cover video not a studio video.

    Good job!

  2. Tomas Kempynck says:


    I’d love to buy your product, but it does not seem to support Airplay

    The reason for wanting to use a tool like this is that browser-imbedded Youtube (on an iMac) does not allow streaming to Airplay-connected speakers.

    Can you please comment?


    • Flavio says:

      No AirPlay support at this time. I’m interested in the feature but have yet to determine how much would it cost in terms of development time.

    • Flavio says:

      Had a quick look at AirPlay. My understanding is that there are no public APIs on Mac OS X at this time. But maybe I’m wrong since I’ve seen apps claiming to support AirPlay. Any help (and links) appreciated.

  3. david says:


    I’m french, so sorry for my bad english. I’ve bought Musictube because it was writing that the apps support Airplay. It doesn’t Work ?

    So, it would be great if you add this function to the app.

    However, i’m very happy of the app.

    • Flavio says:

      Where did read about AirPlay support? Musictube does not curently support AirPlay. Anyway I’m glad you like the app!

  4. roger says:

    Hi There,

    Love your app (minitube), allows me to enjoy utube.

    But i have one issue. Previous versions i have tried started the next item in the list immediately on completion of the current item.

    This does not seem to happenm it tends to repeat the current item only.

    I cant find a loop option to turn off.

    I run ubuntu 11.10 LDXE interface 32bits.
    Current version of minitube (is there as ppa).

    I would love this feature returned, as i would use it like a video style jukebox.


  5. roger says:

    Hi there – this issue isin the download tar.gz only.

    The package in Synaptics (vers 1.5) seeems to work fine.



  6. Justin says:

    Why doesn’t my music tube have the cashed playlist
    Even after I re downloaded it?