Minitunes source code on Gitorious


This is a first step towards the release of Minitunes, the music player that will change your living room for good. If you have one, that is. Anyway, code quality is at a historic low, features are at best incomplete or completely broken. It may not compile, it may even move the window buttons on the left, no wait that’s another story.

Enough with disclaimers. The code is hosted at Gitorious. If you’re interested in building it, get it with Git and follow the INSTALL instructions. If you like what you see and feel you’re in the right place at the right time, then please consider joining the project. It’s gonna be fun.

  1. Pablomoreno says:

    Fantastico!!! Complimenti

  2. Willem says:

    I’ll wait for a release… But that screenshot looks gorgeous!

  3. symbianflo says:

    I’ll give it a try
    Thx m8

  4. symbianflo says:

    For a first shot is great , wow …..
    I’ll try a package for mandriva on mrb
    thx again.
    at first scanning a large collection ( 120 GB ) , it crashed, but second try worked just nice .

  5. Flavio says:

    Thanks to everybody for the positive feedback!

  6. sebaro says:

    Some issues:
    – missing previous track icon
    – missing track length, maybe not ready, as I can see from your screenshot
    – the currently playing song is not selected in the playlist
    – grabbing and moving songs in playlist crashes minitunes
    >QSortFilterProxyModel: invalid inserted rows reported by source model
    >QSortFilterProxyModel: index from wrong model passed to mapFromSource
    – “go back to previous view” it doesn’t work
    – what is the folder view for?

    About collection/ fetch: after the collection is built there are missing covers and some songs appear in other albums and many incorrect album years.
    It would be nice if you fetch first covers from the album directory on the local filesystem and build the collection from files metadata and then fetch from in case of missing cover or metadata.

  7. slacker says:

    Ri-salve Flavio.

    Un’altra magia estratta dal cilindro?

    Complimenti davvero ;)

    Un unico problema per ora: come l’amico sebaro, l’icona della traccia precedente non è visualizzata.

    Per il resto, ho preparato un pacchetto per Slackware 13.0 (ma chi sa se mai lo pubblicherò, col tuo permesso ovviamente) e sembra “funziare” più che bene.

    Ancora complimenti e auguri per questo nuovo progetto.


  8. Flavio says:

    @sebaro, I’m aware of all the issues, as I said this is incomplete and totally broken. The folder view is for browsing folders and files of a music collection.

    @slacker Grazie! But please do not package it for now.

  9. Fausto says:

    Sig.Flavio ho installato Minitunes francamente per pura curiosità,sono rimasto affascinato dalla semplicità, l’uso delle informazioni prese da Lastfm.L’intefaccia semplice funzionale insomma alla fine lo utilizzo spero resti semplice cosi come lo vedo, avere le immagini da cui poter scegliere cosa ascoltare ha sempre rispoto ad una logica umana se cerchiamo un disco lo cerchiamo ricordando la copertina.Rhythmbox ad esempio mostra la copertina dopo aver selezionato e avviato un file, in questo banshee avendo un navigatore con le cover semplica le cose.Non voglio fare paragoni volevo solo mostrare meglio quello che penso.Insomma sig.Flavio le scrivo perchè prendo da tutti Voi che generosamente date i vostri soft senza mai dire grazie;appunto soprattutto grazie.Fausto.

  10. TomBous says:

    This music player looks awesome!
    Keep working hard on it, i can’t wait to try it :)
    Thx for your amazing job!

  11. sjosul says:

    I’m using it (on Ubuntu 10.04) as I write, and despite the above disclaimers, I’m loving it. Some navigation issues, and took a while to initially load my over 2,000 album collection, but basic operation is simple, intuitive and looks great.