Minitunes 0.1.1 fixes crashes and adds AAC support on the Mac

I published today a hotfix release of Minitunes. This release is mostly targeted at Mac users that were experiencing crashes during the library scanning or were missing their AAC files.

In order to have their AAC music shown, Mac users should choose Minitunes => Change collection folder... from the menu.

Potential stack overflow fixes are valid for Linux users too, although no Linux user has reported crashes.

Lazlo, Kirk and Mike tested the changes on their Macs, so you can enjoy a more stable Minitunes!

  1. murrayy says:

    Hi, whats the best way to report bugs and give feedback?

  2. Flavio says:

    @murrayy Here or by email. Check the TODO, everybody’s repeating things already written there.

  3. Luis says:

    I really like your work (because you don’t just go around adding features without ever thinking about the GUI design), may I ask you for some way to donate money?

    I can’t give you thousands of dollars, but I would really love to donate as much as I can (not that is possible to donate more than you can lol).

  4. Flavio says:

    Thank you, Luis. The Minitunes project page has a Donate button

  5. Luis says:

    Found it (in the apps descriptions), I recommend you to add one on the sidebar (since most Linux users will use repositories, they may not ever see those links).

    Congratulations, and thanks for your hard work!

  6. bigbrovar says:

    You app too my breath away. You finally found what I have always wanted in a music player but never had the tot or imagine to design. Although it lacks some features which I am sure you are already aware of (Ability to search through music list, create custom playlist and lastfm scrobling) once this features are added am sold for good. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  7. Nicholai says:

    Hope theres a new version soon. This is one fantastic application.

  8. Musicfides says:

    Amazing and minimalistic app! As well as the other users i hope for a new version!

    FYI: I tried Minitunes in a lot of distros but the binaries packages built by their respectives communities had a few bugs (example: the application crash when is building the library).
    In my experience, the best build is in the AUR Arch Linux repo. Now the app run excellent in my old lap. I think the best results are because Aur Packages and the installation works directly with the sources of your app, instead of other distros binaries.

    It could be great include new functions to the app, and i wish a future merge/mashup between Minitunes and Minitubes =). It will be great!

    Thanks for your work!