Introducing Finetune, the one-click music tagger


I have been working to this project for some time now (understatement for years) and I feel it is ready to be tested by a group of brave Mac and Linux beta testers.

Finetune is a music tagger that works mostly in an automatic way. You choose a folder, Finetune does its magic and presents you with proposed changes you can manually edit and apply. Finetune can fix or add song information, cover art, lyrics and remove duplicate and missing tracks from your library. On OS X, Finetune also takes care of updating your iTunes Library.

Finetune uses AcoustID and Chromaprint technologies to “listen” to your music files, generate a fingerprint and search for matching songs in a database containing millions of fingerprints. But it’s not that easy. Each song may belong to a multitude of recordings each of which usually has many different releases across countries and media types. Finetune uses smart heuristics to select the recording and release you actually have.

Before releasing 1.0, Finetune needs to be tested by a small group of users. If you’re interested, have a music collection and have OS X >= 10.7 or Ubuntu >= 15.04, go to the Finetune project page and click “Apply for Beta Testing”. Accepted testers will get a free Finetune license!

  1. Michael Lee says:

    I will give it a go and let you know.