Call for Minitube 1.2 testing and translations

It’s that magic moment again when a new Minitube version is almost ready to be released. This time the main change is a much requested feature. A feature that extends the application scope quite a bit. Drum roll… Video downloads! Please everybody test it so we can have a bug-free release.

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There are a lot of new strings to be translated. So I welcome old time and new translators to launch their Qt Linguist app for the sake of the non-english speaking masses. If you want to help you can work independently on Git or just send me the translation by email. Get existing translations from Gitorious. For new translations you can start from this file.

Here’s the current translation status:

             ar.ts :   64%    51/(140-0)
          bg_BG.ts :   64%    51/(140-0)
          cs_CZ.ts :   64%    51/(158-18)
          de_DE.ts :   64%    51/(168-28)
          el_GR.ts :   64%    51/(168-28)
          en_US.ts :    1%    139/(140-0)
          es_AR.ts :   38%    87/(157-17)
          es_ES.ts :   52%    68/(163-23)
             es.ts :   64%    51/(163-23)
          fi_FI.ts :   64%    51/(140-0)
          fr_FR.ts :   64%    51/(153-13)
             gl.ts :   64%    51/(168-28)
          he_IL.ts :   65%    51/(157-15)
          hr_HR.ts :   64%    51/(140-0)
          hu_HU.ts :   64%    51/(153-13)
          it_IT.ts :  100%    0/(157-17)
          ja_JP.ts :   49%    72/(149-9)
            lat.ts :   64%    51/(154-14)
          nb_NO.ts :   64%    51/(153-13)
          nl_NL.ts :   64%    51/(140-0)
          pl_PL.ts :   64%    51/(158-18)
          pt_BR.ts :   64%    51/(168-28)
          pt_PT.ts :   64%    51/(140-0)
          ro_RO.ts :   64%    51/(153-13)
          ru_RU.ts :   64%    51/(168-28)
          tr_TR.ts :   64%    51/(168-28)
             uk.ts :   64%    51/(168-28)
          zh_CN.ts :   64%    51/(140-0)
  1. Christian says:

    No mediakeys support yet, right?

  2. Flavio says:

    @Christian media keys support on GNOME.

  3. Christian says:

    I’m on Mac

  4. lippol94 says:

    Ciao flavio grazie mille ancora per il lavoro che fai. Ho un problema che mi affligge da quando utilizzo minitube. Non parte lo stream! :( Rimane aperta la schermata nera con titolo e descrizione del video.
    Pensavo che con questa release avrebbe funzionato e invece no. Sai come risolvere?

    P:S: Il download funziona da dio! Era la feature che tutti aspettavamo =)

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  6. […] The videos are downloaded into your ~/Videos folder, but you can change the location once you start downloading your first video (see the above screenshot). Minitube 1.2 is almost ready and you can help by translating it into your languange. Details @ Flavio’s blog. […]

  7. egrep says:

    I have noticed on Ubuntu 64bit systems that once you start playing/queuing the player controls like rewind or pause no longer work. I usually need to restart the player.

    I will keep ponding on it tonight and tomorrow…. So far on a netbook, it totally rocks… Nice work people…

  8. Bllq21 says:

    I Can Download Videos Perfect, But Oddly Enough I Can’t Play Any Video, They Always Stuck On The Middle

  9. usinss says:

    Can you send me files. i will translate in latvian (lv)

  10. Flavio says:

    @Christian Alas, media keys support on the Mac didn’t make it to this release for a series of library incompatibilities. Tech stuff ahead: I have some code working only on Snow Leopard but I have to build with Qt Cocoa which in turn has issues with video playback. If/when it will be fixed I’ll have to provide two builds: one for Snow Leopard with media keys and one for previous OS X versions. And by the way iTunes is stealing the play media key (by Apple design) so this leaves most users only with skip-forward and backward. (mac laptops do not have a stop media key).

  11. Nelo says:

    Very nice and fast, is even running on a very old laptop, 256 MB RAM and less then 1 GHz CPU. But after switching to fullscreen mode the player controls (Stop, Play , Skip, …) cant be used anymore nevertheless the video playback does continue. To regain working control buttons it has to be restarted. Perfomance so far is great.

    greetings, nelo

  12. Frederick says:

    I installed the new beta last night. I think I have found a bug. If I enter full screen mode, then exit the bar under the menu bar (Stop button, Play/Pause button, Next button, Time Slider, Volume Slider, and Search) stops responding to the mouse. In fact it is all grayed out.

    This is on Ubuntu Lucid, 360p, version 1.2beta. Keyboard controls still work. Only way to reactivate the grayed bar is restart Minitube.

    Hope it is something simple to fix.



  13. slacker says:

    Ri-slave Flavio,

    qui su slackware 13.1 sembra tutto bene con la beta 1.2.

    L’unica cosa che non funziona è localizzazione italiana: è normale?


  14. noT says:

    @ Frederick

    Same bug(?) here (Slackware 13.1/32bit).

  15. […] si chiama MiniTube. Negli scorsi mesi ne abbiamo già parlato in questo tutorial ma da poche ore è stata rilasciata la beta della versione 1.2 che aggiunge un bel po’ di nuove ed interessanti […]

  16. Mariano says:

    Hi, I confirm the fullscreen bug, for me it only happens when you double click to exit fullscreen. If you use the toolbar button to exit everything works just fine.

    Plus a small request… I enter compact mode and make the window square and small, occasionally going fullscreen when something insterests me… could the windows remain “compact mode” when coming back from fullscreen, instead of resizing wide and showing the video list again?

    Great work btw… it even plays 360p videos on an *ancient* P3 coppermine 600mhz.

  17. Flavio says:

    Thanks everybody for spotting the fullscreen bug!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why u don’t put macedonian translation that i have send u

  19. donrm says: