A new name for Minitunes

So I submitted Minitunes to the Mac App Store and got rejected because of the app name. I tried to argue with the reviewer but he wouldn’t reply to my arguments. He just told me I can “appeal” the decision. I thought long about what to do and decided not to appeal. Even if Minitunes is accepted, it could always be rejected on future updates. Keeping the name means being vulnerable. Please no “Apple sucks” comments, we all know many of their policies should be outlawed. Now let’s try to be constructive.

Do you have an idea for the new name? It could be just a name or combination of name and icon concept. I’d like to keep the name about music. No animal names and such.

If we don’t come out with anything interesting, I may try to appeal the decision and stick with Minitunes. But I highly doubt it will work.

  1. Zene
    It means music in Hungarian. It’s short, unique, and starts with a Z, which is a cool letter :-) And also has the word “zen” in it, which refers to the simplicity of Minitunes.

  2. planner says:

    Zene sounds cool.

    Suggested variation:


  3. PanArtur83 says:



    every word means “sound” in latin.

  4. Rico Chet says:

    and I think the two s’s in Sanus would make a good logo design

  5. PanArtur83 says:

    To avoid misunderstanding please read wiki articles about those words:
    Sanus http://goo.gl/vru1k
    Sano http://goo.gl/nYtmw
    Sonus http://goo.gl/IhTgT

    Maybe this will help you choose.

    (sorry for my english)

  6. Flavio says:

    What do you guys think about “DoubleSharp”? The icon could actually be a double sharp symbol. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:C_sharp_music.svg

    • Rico Chet says:

      “DoubleSharp” sounds nice (I think the logo would be better than the name)but I like the idea of using Greek or Latin words better though.

    • Raven says:

      The double sharp sign would indeed make a very interesting logo. The only problem with that is that Ex Falso already uses a very similar symbol for their logo. In fact, it may indeed be the double sharp sign. I haven’t read enough music with the sign to know how it looks in different fonts.

  7. edav says:

    All are good idea but Zene reminds Zune, DoubleSharp don’t refer to music.

    Some propositions (most are very bad, I know, but could help us find derivatives :-) : ziQ, Akapela, tioonz, Fewzic, FlankR, Statunes, Btunz, Tjuneec, Salssa, Spora, Duyutunes

  8. Raj says:

    How about ‘OneManBand’ or ‘Bevy’ which means band.

  9. Flavio says:

    What about SoundBox?

  10. emi says:

    how about “toptunes” or “topnotes”
    and here is the logo i made it myself http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/233/toptunes.jpg/

  11. Klemen says:

    What about these 2:


    Ichos (greek for sound – ήχος)

  12. Calixte says:

    If you’re not scared of an un-Western sounding name, how about Saraswati (Hindu mythology, goddess of knowledge, music and the arts)?

    Or some more modern name like GridBeat, SquareBeat, WallTunes (reference to the UI) TuneFlow

    In the same direction as DoubleSharp, how about Quaver or Caesura?

  13. Flavio says:

    Thanks Calixte, interesting proposals. Saraswati is a cool name and, judging from the Wikipedia entry, very similar to the greek Muses.

  14. Flavio says:

    I somewhat impulsively submitted the “appeal” form to Apple. I’m leaving for a week so I hope to get a response and not being stalled when I come back. /me crosses fingers

  15. masmas says:


  16. LETRA says:

    CopyFight (Its free software, its free to copy, its 4 mp3’s)

    Thanks for your work :)

  17. AJ says:

    How about:

    Tuntuna – one stringed Indian folk musical instrument
    => change it to “Tunetuna”


    Pied Piper

    Apart from that, thanks for a beautiful player. Please allow for multiple folders.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. scotty says:

    How about Gliss? Short for glissando, sounds like “bliss”.

  19. jlking3 says:

    How about “Simplisonic?” A combination of simple and sonic.

    Or “Tunisia?” From the Parker/Gillespie classic. (It also sounds like “tune easier.”)

  20. universalinterfaced says:

    Minitube is like a warrior against flash browser videos..
    the most courageous warriors are the Zulu warriors
    so why dont call it “ZULOOK”

  21. zidane says:

    hello try titem ;-)

  22. Flavio says:

    What about SoundWall?

  23. francesco says:

    Flavio, let’s find something in italian…
    l’italiano fa sempre bello…

    for example, “Faber” ? in onore di de andrè ovviamente….
    oppure rifacciamoci al 1500 con i Trovatori, poeti e musici vagabondi…..magari in francese, Trobador.
    Sennò ancora “Sonata”

    Forse ho trovato il meglio!


    (Nella mitologia greca Euterpe (Ευτέρπη greco, “Il piacevole”, “Il genio piacevole” o “spiriti buoni”) è la musa della musica, in particolare protettrice di coloro suonano il flauto)

    Od Orfeo.

    boh…..se mi viene in mente altro lo metto

  24. ab1 says:

    Maybe they’d accept MinnyTunes?
    Or . . . Millitunes, like millimetres?
    Lilletunes (I think that’s “minitunes” in Norwegian). Or LillyTunes?
    How about Minigroove?

  25. ab1 says:

    Piccolo! In English this refers to the tiny woodwind instrument.

  26. André Lopes says:

    Well, i love your app!

    So lets get to bussiness =P :

    Semplice (italian) – Simple
    because it’s what i wanted when i started to look for a program like this in Google xD

    Piccolo it’s a very nice ideia from ab1! Cause it’s small

    Senuti – Sounds italian but it’s Itunes spelling backwards ahaha they will never see it coming

    God…it’s 4 a.m…..i have no more ideas for now xS

  27. AJ says:

    Just another suggestion – senutunes (a palindrome)

  28. JK says:

    Crescendo Music Player.



  29. contrast says:

    I just read this whole thread, and I wanted to chime in to vote for “MiniGroove.” It sounds good, it’s distinctive (well, I just remembered GrooveShark, but f’ it), and most importantly, it should still hold some name recognition from the original. MiniTunes was big news when it first came out ~a year ago, but most of the people who were initially interested have likely moved on since it’s been so long since a release. Stick with something similar-sounding enough, and when they see it in the news, they’ll likely think, “Is that a re-dub of that sweet (but un-finished) music player I checked out a long time ago? Let’s see…”

  30. Let’s get minimal: MiTu

  31. kyriakos says:

    Flavio, I think Soundwall is the best name from what i see here. The name should represent the player and its unigue characteristics and i think that soundwall does exactly that making you ready for a unique designed player with an attractive visual music wall.

    • Flavio says:

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I think SoundWall is the best option for now. I’m waiting for Apple to make a decision. I actually missed a phone call from an App Store guy. I’ve always been bad at keeping my phone charged and at hand…

  32. S. Korlowsky says:


  33. evenflow says:


    I have OSX Lion and the update appears to work fine for me. Thank you!

  34. Rares says:

    Orchid sound ok!

  35. hotten says:

    first thing coming to my mind (ok about 5 secs)

    which sounds nice and simply is simply tunes + tunes read from the back (senut)

  36. Baul says:

    hmm… the first suggestion is quite good! I don’t think “Zene” reminds Zune, because of the pronounciation.
    Please keep it in mind :D

  37. Steve says:

    i am learning guitar and think plectrum might be cool …and could use the plectrum idea to design an icon ? failing that perhaps some musical term such as staccato or pentatonic .. just an idea :)

  38. Erkin says:


    ps. Very awesome software. Thanks heaps.

  39. Brendan says:

    Neutrino. Massless and extremely fast :P

  40. TheRob says:


  41. richi says:


  42. Davide says:

    Rox (reminds Rock’s) … :P
    \m/ good heavy metal to all :D

  43. Flavio says:

    What about Miniatunes? It is a kind of portmanteau of “miniatures” and “tunes”. Also it is quite similar to Minitunes.

  44. MichaelSOG says:

    I think you should stay with the name “Minitunes”.

  45. pedro says:


  46. Greco says:

    Miniatunes? It’s ok, but i think it could be better.
    You can try with some random name, like…Charly for example, or an initials…

  47. abr says:

    ok, here goes,

    1. warble (a melodious succession of low pleasing sounds)
    2. Cadence (same as rhythm ans such)

  48. Tony says:

    How about something simple with punch? ‘Zounds’ …… If nobody has it it might be a winner. I use Songza a lot to write songlists’; and I thought that was contrived. ‘Zounds’ gives it that eye-opening surprising feeling. If nothing else, it was just a thought.