Minitube 1.2 is here

I’m happy to announce the release of Minitube version 1.2. This release brings, among other minor enhancements, a much requested feature: video downloads.

Another highlight for this release is a more native look on the Mac, using the cool unified toolbar, better icons and carefully chosen colors.

I hope everybody understands that this project needs to be economically sustainable to continue improving. So please Linux users make a good use of the orange button on the right. Thank you.

  1. Jakob says:

    Hi, I am sorry to say that, but the German translation of Minitube is so poor, that I will not use Minitube then. I am afraid you don’t check your e-mails. I sent two translations of it to you, Flavio. The first translation was not completly correct, so I sent you a correct one a second time… And I forgot to back-up the translation of me, so I can’t compile it with mine. Sadly… Jakob

    • Flavio says:

      @Jakob I’m really sorry about this. I used the translation coming from a guy that knows how to use Git. This is simpler for me than having to contact people by email. Sometime ago I searched for a collaborative translation service but none supports the Qt translation files.

      For now, if you really want to avoid these problems, you should work on Git where everybody can fix each others translations.

      Anyway I’m planning a 1.2.1 release, because translations are really lacking in this version. When I have something to release, I’ll include yours.

  2. Marc says:

    It doesn’t work on Ubuntu. The file wont execute.

  3. Mandy says:

    Thank you for your hard work — this is awesome!

  4. Jakob says:

    Many many thanks to you, Flavio! :-)

  5. Jakob says:

    Ah, the bug that you can’t use the buttons after being in fullscreen mode is fixed. It works very fine! :)

  6. Jakob says:

    Ah, thank you for sending me the translation :)

  7. Daniel says:

    I would really like to use Minitube in Windows. Is it going to happen sometime?
    Greetings :D

  8. Kevin says:

    “So please Linux users make a good use of the orange button on the right.”

    But Mac users don’t have to donate cause they’re so cool, right?

  9. Codin says:

    Hi! my name is Codin. I compiled version 1.1 and it worked perfectly.
    Now I compiled version 1.2 and … surprise:
    It doesn’t work !..What should I do?
    Meanwhile I have not deleted any existing codec or library.
    1 – I have to add some libraries or codecs ?
    2 – Do you have a copy of previous version,
    because I removed the tarball.

    My OS is a Vector Linux (Slackware based).

  10. Timo says:

    Hi, any chances to get binaries for Debian (Squeeze) amd64?

  11. Jakob says:

    Kevin: +1

  12. Pier Rabi says:

    Hi, Francesco. I just like to know if I need to paid always , that update minitube. Please let me know how it work.

  13. Pier Rabi says:

    I download minitunes mac version and won’t run. isn’t compatible.
    I Have duo Core 2.5 and 2gb memory and 10.5 system

  14. Flavio says:

    @Pier Rabi, if you buy, you’ll receive updates for a year. Does it give you any error message?

  15. tilarien says:

    Kevin says:
    >> But Mac users don’t have to donate cause they’re so cool, right?

    Or because a Linux user donates less on average than a Mac user PAYS to get Minitube

  16. Dererk says:

    > Hi, any chances to get binaries for Debian (Squeeze) amd64?

    @Timo you can grab from and install it without any issues.

  17. Tammej says:

    Minitube 1.2.0 doesn’t start on my (most recent) Ubuntu.

    ./minitube –help
    ./minitube: symbol lookup error: ./minitube: undefined symbol: _ZN9QListData11detach_growEPii

    The dependencies should all be there.

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  20. [...] la versión 1.2 incorpora esa nueva funcionalidad, otros muchos fallos se han [...]

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  22. aarem says:

    why no 64-bit in linux? a bummer!

  23. trtg says:

    how do you configure minitube to advance through its playlist? whenever I play a video and it ends, minitube simply plays the same video again rather than moving on to the next one.

  24. edu says:

    thanks for your work. i really like minitube. Un saludo

  25. mystery person says:

    this is great it doesn’t play video for me

  26. ShAkKa says:

    Is it possible to make the next Minitube version compatible with the Globalmenu? Thx for this awesome app btw, been using it since V 0.8.

  27. Victor says:

    Minitube is amazing and gets better with every release.

    I was wondering, if playlist search and/or search within a specific channel only would be possible, if so that could really make for a more fluid tv-like experience for videos in multiple parts.

    Keep up the great work and when I can I’ll make sure to donate and spread the word about this program.

  28. EC says:

    how do i upgrade my version on Mac up to a new version?

  29. Flavio says:

    @EC Are you using the full version? Just download it again from the link I sent you.

  30. EC says:

    some reason i cant find that link, i have my receipt for the transaction from paypal in my e-mail.. is there a way i can get help with this?

  31. Flavio says:

    @EC just send me an email at or leave a comment specifying your email address.

  32. EC says:

    ok i sent you an email instead

  33. Anonymous says:

    A minitube like app for Justin tv would be awesome…

  34. neversfelde says:

    I was offline for some weeks, so I couldn’t do any packaging.

    here are 1.2 packages for maverick, lucid will come soon, hopefully. These packages use gstreamer backend, so if you are upgrading from Lucid’s original package some new packages are pulled in.

  35. Flavio says:

    Thank you, Christian. I linked to your PPA from the setup instructions page.

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