Minitube 0.7

A new version of Minitube is out, sporting minor fixes and an important enhancement. Many users will have noticed the dreaded “Embedding disabled by request” message. It happens when a YouTube user explicitly disables “embedding” of his/her video on webpages. Often these are videos from major labels and other evil entities. Now Minitube can happily play these too. Enjoy.

  1. d0od says:

    Do you have any plans/ideas on how to get minitube working on linux x64 bit?

  2. Flavio says:

    @d0od: Minitube does work on 64bit Linux. You just have to compile it by yourself or ask some packager in your distro community.

  3. symbianflo says:

    wowwww questo si sviluppo azzarola
    per mandriva 2009.1
    PS. sempre qui e grazie

    Scritto: /home/symbianflo/rpmbuild/SRPMS/minitube-0.7-69mib2009.1.src.rpm
    Scritto: /home/symbianflo/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/minitube-0.7-69mib2009.1.x86_64.rpm

  4. Flavio says:

    @symbianflo: Grazie a te symbianflo! Ma che link sono quelli? Alla tua home directory?

  5. symbianflo says:

    @Flavio: In MIB si fa tutto a mano sulle nostre macchine , poi se passa il testing si uppa sui repo , non facciamo build in remoto XD
    this minitube client aint need no flash-player-plugin or browser to watch youtube , so or use this app
    or install the i386 flash-player ( with wrapper) , in a x86_64 linux distribution,
    I choose this XD
    PS. you have also swfdec, let’s forget about it for now , mabe in a few years will be able to replace
    adobe flash…..

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  7. Christoph Korn says:

    Minitube has been published on

    You may want to add a download link for it:

  8. Flavio says:

    Christoph, great stuff. I linked at the GetDeb page. I noticed the menu entry reads “minitube.desktop” instead of “Minitube”. The error is probably in the .desktop I put in the sources. Anyway thanks for the package!

  9. hello to all, specially Flavio.

    first i would like to thank you for this great program.

    second, since i have no programming skills i can’t do what i think would be a major feature for it, if somehow you could use cclive with it!

    have you thought about it?

    P.S. there is a gui front-end to cclive also written using QT, abby.

    thanks once again,


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  11. neversfelde says:

    Just discovered this application. Really promising and great.

    Unfortunately we are in the final freeze for Kubuntu Karmic, so too late to get it in the archive. Anyway a package is in my PPA:

    I will try to get it in for 10.04. Thanks for minitube :).

  12. TheBigS says:

    The colors are inverted on every video I play, is there a work around for this? I send you a screen shot if necessary.

  13. Flavio says:

    @neversfelde: Wow thank you. It’s great to have a package for the upcoming Koala! I linked your PPA in the download section. Having Minitube in the Ubuntu repositories would be awesome, really.

  14. dael99 says:

    for the Ubuntu installation the phonon-gstreamer-backend is required or in Kubuntu the phonon-xine-backend.

    working great on Karmic Beta. Thanks for such software.

  15. Chris Ban says:

    Hey Flavio, Minitube is awesome — I love it! The one thing it’s missing though is support for HD! Any plans on implementing this feature (if possible)?


  16. Flavio says:

    Hi Chris, thank you for taking the time to put together these screeshots. HD support is a much requested feature. I’ll try to put it in the next release

  17. Chris Ban says:

    Ahh, great to hear — I look forward to it!

  18. e1ia says:

    it crash anytime i search for something

    i have a macbook pro with SL…

    i can not use it

  19. Flavio says:

    @e1ia: never tested on Snow Leopard. Please run minitube from te command line and send any error you get.

  20. Grande programma !
    Usavo già il Totem per i video di youtube con il plugin, ma questo è veramente stupendo.
    Complimenti !
    Francesco bat

  21. melvin says:

    Hey, just downloaded minitube from getdeb. seems like a great idea but it wont work for me. i have koala 64bit. the program loads fine and yields results, but all i get is a description in the video screen.

    Any ideas what im doing wrong??

  22. melvin says:


    This issue was actually that i didnt have the phonon-backend-gstreamer plugin.

    Thanks for the help tho

  23. Michalis says:

    thanks for this, i like it.

  24. Mark_in_Hollywood says:

    I was getting an error: Phonon error: “Cannot find input plugin for MRL, when reading at this blog, someone needed “phonon-gstreamer-backend”. Installed that as it was missing from my ‘puter. Now MT says: “Could not open media source”. I would like to delete the config file uninstall MT and try a reinstall, unless you have a better idea.

    Sorry to take your time and thanks & Merry Christmas.

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