sOnar, a sound player

sOnar is a media player designed to quickly browse folders and CD-ROMs with thousands of media files. sOnar is the fastest way to listen to your sound libraries and find the sample you are searching for.


Areas of interest

  • Sound libraries scanning


  • Scan directory trees and entire drives.
  • Supports wave, aiff, mp3, mpeg, quicktime, midi, avi and any other format you have a codec for.
  • Manage files and send them to other programs directly from sOnar.
  • Shell integration.



  1. andrey says:

    the best tool for a musician who wants to preview his audio database fast and shortly! only one problem – there is no an internal volume control.

  2. Feral Maraud says:

    Suggestions for possible improvement.

    1. Volume control w/slider switch
    2. Volume multiplier w/ratchet/slider switch
    3. tiny controls along bottom w/auto-magnify|normalize function upon mouse click
    4. Settings control panel containing;
    a. position anywhere switches/sliders with lock-in-place function
    b. audio control sliders re;
    . audio equalizer
    . volume control
    . volume multiplier/divider
    . noise filters
    . background white-noise filler
    . echo effect slider
    c. poss. color controls for video improvement
    d. poss. skins for aesthetics (to me, not that important)
    5. more formats both audio & video

    Thank you for a great program. Small footprint, small memory space, great sound, good audio. And Best of all, it has a great price.

    Feral Maraud