Sofa remote control now works on GNOME

Hi all, I’ve been working to a GNOME port of the Sofa Server. GNOME is the desktop environment that powers most Linux desktops, including Debian, Ubuntu and many others.

It’s been an interesting work. The Qt-based server written in C++ installs a GNOME extension written in Javascript and communicates with it via DBUS. Cool technologies.

Maybe it is possible and very low-effort to port this work to GNOME Shell derivatives like Cinnamon. I’ll have to investigate this in the future. Let me know if you have any tips.

For now, I’m only shipping a .deb package, unfortunately cutting off distributions not based on Debian. Let me know how to target more distros. Flatpak or snap? Just RPM?

The Sofa Server is free and the Sofa mobile app is freemium with a complete version in-app purchase. Give it a try.