Musictube 2

This release is a major overhaul compared to previous versions. It contains a better search algorithm that also supports genres, besides artists, albums and song titles. Try searching for bluegrass or rnb.

The user interface has received a complete refresh. It’s now more modern, flatter and generally cleaner. Fonts can be zoomed with common keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl++, Ctrl–, Ctrl+0 to reset). Lyrics are bigger and more readable. The toolbar now appears on the bottom of the window but can also be moved on the top by dragging it.

Musictube now streams only audio when video is hidden so it’s even lighter on resources.

Starting from this release Musictube requires a subscription of €9.99 / year. I’m trying to keep my apps sustainable and I think this is the only way forward. Subscription can be managed on PayPal or on the Mac App Store. Also the license per platform is gone and now buying Musictube gets you a code valid for all the supported platformed.

Users that bought Musictube less than a year ago don’t need to do anything for now. I hope old users will decide to support further development and keep this little app alive.

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