Introducing Sofa, the remote control for your Mac

I’ve been working to a new project for iOS and Android. An app that lets you control your Mac with your smartphone or tablet. It’s great when you’re lying on the sofa and when doing a presentation or maybe you’re cooking or whatever.

As always I’ve tried to come up with a unique, completely thought-from-scratch user interface. Sofa combines elements of a typical remote with an accessibility client, a launcher, a file manager, a keyboard, all in order to interact with your Mac in a seamless way with very few taps. It’s hard to describe, just try it and see for yourself.

Sofa is meant to be cross-platform, so a server for Windows and Linux will eventually come in the future. Sofa is currently in beta. Please test it on iOS with TestFlight and let me know your thoughts.

Get Sofa

Oh, and merry Christmas everybody!