Finetune 2

I let Finetune, the automatic music tagger, a bit aside because it basically worked or the problems to fix required too much effort. But I finally took the time to spearhead some long-standing issues.

Crashes. Yes, multithreading is hard and Finetune uses it to do its many tasks in the least time possibile. This time I believe I got my multithreading right and Finetube is now rock stable.

Album release selection heuristics was good and it cannot, by definition, be Perfectâ„¢, but in Finetune 2.0 I completely rewrote the algorithms and results are now consistently better.

The visual style also needed a refresh. Finetune 2.0 ships with new icons and overall a more modern UI. Finetune now supports Dark Mode on macOS and dark styles on Linux. Windows support for dark mode will come in the near future.