Musictube 1.2.1 bugfix release

Hot on the heels of Minitube 1.9, here’s a quickfix for Musictube. Enjoy!

  • Adapted to YouTube changes
  • Compatible with OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper
  • Partial Retina Display support. Still using 1x bitmaps because of Qt not being ready
  • New and updated translations
  1. Dave Smith says:

    Hey I’ve purchased your software a couple months ago and now when i open it it crashes. I have a MAC so what do I need to do?

  2. Dave Smith says:

    I forgot to mention that it is minitube

  3. Hi dear,

    Thank you for this application, it is great when i check in youtube

    may trouble I get this application like two days ago, when it was free, when i want to activation it, they want code, but you did not send for me.

    Can you help about this problem?

    Thank you

  4. I forget to mention that it is musictube version 1.2.1

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