ClickTracks for iPhone and iPod Touch

ClickTracks helps musicians create click tracks for practicing, rehearsing with the band and even performing on-stage. Playing to a click is a great way to practice entire songs or just a single tempo change. It just makes you a better musician, whether you're going to record to a click or not.
  • Section markers. ClickTracks will play a marker sound just before the end of each section, so you don't have to count bars on long solos or songs you still don't remember very well.
  • Setlists. Setlists help you rehearse with your band and play live. Tracks automatically play one after another, with an optional pause interval. Swipe left and right to navigate the setlist.
  • Choose your sound. Pick your favorite click and marker sounds among classic 808 & 909 electronic drums, classical music oriented metronomes, UREI click and more.
  • Gesture-based UI. Playback is controlled with simple swipe and tap gestures, no small buttons to target while playing. Tap to pause, swipe up to restart, swipe down to stop.

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