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    Hi Flavio,
    Really enjoying this software, awesome work!

    I’ve noticed that Musique has trouble with compilation albums. It mixes up between the track Artist Name and the Compilation Artist Name (which is usually “Various Artists”).

    So for instance, I have an album called “The Boat that Rocked” (it’s a OST), it’s a compilation album. Under Banshee I’ve edited the ID3 tags and made all tracks have the same Compilation Artist Name (“Various Artists”), but different Artist Name for each track.

    In Musique:
    1. There’s an artist entry named Various Artists, although when clicked, there are no songs under it
    2. When searching for the album in the search box, it’s there with all song names
    3. When a single track is dragged to the playlist, the title above the track (the grey “heading”) reads “[Album Name] – [Artist Name]” (correct behaviour)
    4. When adding more tracks from the same album, they are all listed under the same “heading” (wrong behaviour, cos these tracks have different artists)
    5. When deleting the first track from the list, the grey “heading” changes to represent the Artist Name of the new first track

    I leave it to you to think what would be the best display here: display the Compilation Artist name if it exists? Display Artist Name, and change the heading for each track in the playlist? Not sure what’s best…

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    forgot some technical details…
    I’m on Ubuntu 12.04 with Musique 1.1

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    Hi Amitk, Musique currently has no notion of a compilation artist. I’ll see what can be done in the future about this.

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    shouldv’e added this under “feature request”?…
    sorry :)

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