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    james gomes

    I do not think digital marketing is the only way to improve brand awareness. There are various methods to gain recognition. For me, animated video content works the best. It has the ability to differentiate my brand from the rest. Captions, taglines, images or even logos can be the same but animated videos can help you in building a unique identity for your brand. The key is to stand out. If you do not stand out then you cannot survive in amongst the competition. However, animated video production is a part of digital marketing but if it is well made and goes viral then you will attain free publicity.
    I incorporated an animated video on my website and it was surprising how it lowered the bounce rate of the website. After that, I noticed how videos are not only meant for social media platforms but for websites as well. A good promotional video would do wonders for your business. Has anyone here uploaded promo videos on their website?

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