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    Using v1.3 on Arch Linux

    Albums containing tracks featuring different artists show up multiple times in the “Albums” view and create irritating entries in the “Artists” view. For example, the album “Immersion” by Pendulum also shows up with the artist “Pendulum feat. In Flames” despite having “albumartist” tag set to “Pendulum” and “compilation” tag set to 1.

    In “Artists” view only show artists collected from the “albumartist” tag and fall back to the “artist” tag only for those songs that don’t have an “albumartist” tag set.
    Also, in the “Albums” view, show albums and compilations with multiple artists only once if either “albumartist” or “compilation” is set.

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    Looks like this open merge request implements a solution to this problem:

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    Yes, that would be great.

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    Yup, Using the “album artist” tag will prevent from retaging all the albums to have them well sorted in Musique.
    I have many albums that appears as many times as number of songs…

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    Filter by albumartist is a must otherwise its unpossible to organize the library album based (If you have sampler or featuring-guest-appearance in albums). I going nuts because no linux musicplayer is providing it.

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    I really support this request. I think this should be number one priority.

    I mean, I love what you’ve done with Musique. I just bought Finetune to support your work, because I just LOVE it. By the way, Musictube and Finetune are the two ONLY softwares I’ve EVER bought.

    But it’s almost impossible to keep Musique library organized without messing with tracks tags, because of that missing feature.

    I guess we should have a choice here. Especially since we can use Finetune to automatically correct tags. I’m a kind of disappointed because using Finetune really messed with my library. I have kept it organized manually by changing all tags on “multiple-artists-albums” since a long time. Now I’d really like to use Finetune to correct tags, but it doubles the work because I have to correct artists tags manually afterwards, album by album, to keep it organized.

    Don’t get me wrong : Finetune is great. I guess it will be awesome when we could use it with Musique and have “full unique albums”, and not “as much albums as artists per album”.

    Thanks again for you work,

    I’m expecting that feature to finally drop any others music players, and keep only Musique.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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