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    Movies after start have sound but don’t have video. Only black screen. Funny fact: when I play video on this canal https://youtu.be/umXO1pdvuSg i have video only when I choose 1440p resolution. I don’t have video on different youtube canals (only audio).
    What i should to do? Codecs? Which?

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    Dear Flavio, I just bought Minitube for Windows after buying it for the Mac in 2013. I was glad to find that Minitube development has not stopped. Because I prefer to use Linux if possible I tried the Debian package for Ubuntu.

    I have the problem as Grzesiek here with video’s made by Lawrence Systems, e.g. https://youtu.be/ouARr-4chJ8. No video, although the snapshot function briefly shows a picture. Some other video’s work flawlessly. Hopefully this can be resolved, because I subscribed to this channel.

    I do have some feature requests for future versions:
    1. an import function for subscriptions, possible through importing a previously exported .opml file with current youtube sunscriptions. It would give new users a quick start with Minitube.
    2. support for other Linux distributions by making an RPM package for Fedora/OpenSuse or preferrably a distribution agnostic Flatpak or Snap package.
    3. Dark mode for the user interface.

    That’s all for now ;-) Big thanks for making Youtube accessible outside the browser!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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