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    Hi there, I just bought the app a few weeks ago (great job btw).
    I’ve noticed Musictube struggles a bit with compilations and not so famous bands.
    Search works fine, but sometimes it skips through songs and only plays about a fourth or a third of an album, leaving me with a “Track not found” comment.
    Sometimes, it just skips the first song of an album and on second attempt plays it.
    It is especially true for compilations (only plays a couple songs out of a dozen)..

    This is a bit annoying as I get the feeling of not having any control over playback.
    It’s virtually random…

    PS: Playback is set to studio version and video quality to 360p


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    Hi Matt, this happens because a YouTube video for track cannot be found. Especially in compilations, not having the artist name doesn’t help.

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    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imlessibpo.

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    I have just bought the application, but surprisingly it does not recognise any music or artist from Africa
    and so in particular kenya,.
    Why is it so?

    Can this be resolved

    Thanks and best regards

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    Hi Simon, maybe some of your files are missing artist and album tags.

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