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    Stu Keroff

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit and have attempted to install Minitube 2.6 at least 3 times and each time I get the message that “This Minitube package was built with a Google API key.” As a result, no videos will play. Can this be fixed. I do not know how to add a Google API key and I don’t know why I should have to, as I have never encountered this message before with this app. Please help.

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    Same problem here. Installed it today on Arch Linux through Arch’s package manager. I then managed to make an API key (I think I did it correctly) and set the GOOGLE_API_KEY environment variable, but still nothing works in minitube. E.g. searching produces no results.

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    The same problem “This Minitube package was built without a Google API key.”
    Version 2.6
    Ubuntu Mate

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    This is not a “problem” but a choice of your distribution. They decided to include Minitube in their archives without including the necessary API key. The dialog box clearly tell you what you can do: get your own API key or get Minitube from this website.

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    FYI, just in case you decide you might actually want people to use this app! I’m running Mint, so I expect the repository to be behind. As such, I went straight to the website and downloaded the package! Guess what! It still throws the error! I also tried it on Fedora. Still no love! Same problem! So at the end of the day, it’s not the distro!

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    Scott, your sarcasm sucks. And you know why it still throws the error? Because the GNOME software app is borked and won’t install third-party debs that are already present in the repositories. So you’re still using the outdated, non-functional package that ships with your distro. So yes, it’s the distro.

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