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    Stu Keroff

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit and have attempted to install Minitube 2.6 at least 3 times and each time I get the message that “This Minitube package was built with a Google API key.” As a result, no videos will play. Can this be fixed. I do not know how to add a Google API key and I don’t know why I should have to, as I have never encountered this message before with this app. Please help.

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    Same problem here. Installed it today on Arch Linux through Arch’s package manager. I then managed to make an API key (I think I did it correctly) and set the GOOGLE_API_KEY environment variable, but still nothing works in minitube. E.g. searching produces no results.

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    The same problem “This Minitube package was built without a Google API key.”
    Version 2.6
    Ubuntu Mate

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    This is not a “problem” but a choice of your distribution. They decided to include Minitube in their archives without including the necessary API key. The dialog box clearly tell you what you can do: get your own API key or get Minitube from this website.

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    FYI, just in case you decide you might actually want people to use this app! I’m running Mint, so I expect the repository to be behind. As such, I went straight to the website and downloaded the package! Guess what! It still throws the error! I also tried it on Fedora. Still no love! Same problem! So at the end of the day, it’s not the distro!

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    Scott, your sarcasm sucks. And you know why it still throws the error? Because the GNOME software app is borked and won’t install third-party debs that are already present in the repositories. So you’re still using the outdated, non-functional package that ships with your distro. So yes, it’s the distro.

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    Flavio, I have installed the Ubuntu 16.04, I have then installed the 2.5.1 version of Minitube. In addition I have followed your guide, then I have my with the google api environment api exported. Hovewer, while now I can see the list of videos, I cannot play a single one. In the menu, the play selection (spacebar) is not active. I wonder if this is because, I have selected the wrong google API configuration. In fact, when you need to select the API, google ask you for what application (web, cli, javascript). I have selected the first one, javascript. Is this the problem? Can you support?
    Thank you very much for your time and this software.
    Kind Regards

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    Flavio… No, Scott is NOT displaying sarcasm. I have searched your GitHub and you are totally unhelpful there too. I have a YouTube API (that I use for Kodi) but you have ZERO instructions on HOW to use it.

    It is not the distro’s fault. If you can’t write documentation, and this is an ONGOING problem, I’m about to purge your software from my computer.

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    Hi all, the relevant documentation for the Google API key is here:

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    Well, I have an API, I have put it into the field and now MiniTube doesn’t show anything, not even the homepage of youtube. :-(

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    I have installed Minitube under Ubuntu 20.04.
    While it seems to be a nice application, and of course it is great that it is open source, I guess the instructions on how to get the Google API key working is more a mention than a guide.
    I guess it would be extremely helpful (and it will increase chances that people stay with minitube) if there were more detailed steps, links, etc. on how to make it work.
    I have spent now a couple of hours on it, with no success.
    At this point, I am looking for other options.
    Thanks Flavio!

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