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    Yes, I love simple apps. I just think that a tiny little playlist support would be so good, as long as not complicating Musique too much. I just have one playlist, which is a special selection of my calmest songs when I need relaxing. It’s more than 9 hours of calm music from a collection of a few weeks of uninterrupted song playing. So, it was pretty much of a hard work to have this playlist done… :) Enabling a simple way to add/remove songs to playlists and so would be fair enough!

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    Estoy de acuerdo con esta sugerencia. Incluir quizá un par de listas personalizadas que poder guardar y un botón para reproducir aleatoriamente, para mí es lo único que le haría falta a esta gran mini aplicación.

    Hi, I entirely agree with this suggestion. Maybe add an a couple of playlist that you can save for other momments and a button to play randomly all the entire collection, for me, that the only things i miss in this little great app.

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    I love the app, thanks for so much simplicity but I really miss a way to classify my music in sub-folders as I wish to. It would simplify the choosing process because right now we have to choose in the entire library, instead of creating a first filter. NOT PLAYLISTS, just a way to sub-classify in order to simplify browsing through the covers. I could do it in the folders and browse directly in the thrid tab but I loose the covers, wich is the whole point for me. Please add that, it should’nt be that much of a feature to code. Come on… ;o)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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