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    Mike Anderson

    Loving the program, thank you! Using on Ubuntu 18.04. I’ve run my music through musicbrains/beets, and am having some trouble showing some albums under their respective artists. For example, Depeche Mode only shows the Music for the Masses album, when I have quite a few other albums that have Depeche Mode in the Artist tag. How can I troubleshoot this further?
    Thanks very much!

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    Mike Anderson

    Here’s a pastebin example of ffprobe output on 2 different songs:
    The Black Celebration track isn’t showing up in Albums under Depeche Mode, while the Music for the Masses “Never Let Me Down Again” track is. I hope this helps.

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    Mike Anderson
    That’s a paste of ffprobe output of some tracks. the Music for the Masses track is displayed as a Depeche Mode track in Musique, while the Black Celebration track is not. I hope this helps narrow down how I can find the problem. Thank you.

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