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    Just purchased Minitube for windows from your website and every time I click on a video it skips through all the videos without playing any of them only stopping on the odd one. Happens on my laptop running windows 7 and my desktop running Windows Vista. I have no problem running Minitube on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

    It seems to me there is some sort of copy write issue because it does this with almost all music videos on You tube, but not with most cover videos or videos of other genres that the public have uploaded which makes the software unusable. Is there a fix?.

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    This is also happening for me using Minitube 2.3.1

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    I am seeing the same thing as David. It doesn’t happen for all artist queries. For instance I tried searching for an artist “The Summer Set” and it skips through all videos quickly without playing any.
    I am using the latest version of software 2.3.1

    Please help.

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    It works for me on 2.3.1 using the query “The Summer Set” on the Mac. Are you all on Windows?

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    Hi Flavio, thanks for the fast response. Yes i am using Win7

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    Ok. it actually happens on Win7 for “The Summer Set”. Let’s see what I can do…

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    It’a VLC bug. Tried replacing libvlc 2.1.5 with a 2.2 nigthly and it worked. If you know what you’re doing you could try for yourself:

    – Download the latest 2.2 nightly from
    – Uncompress it
    – Go in [home]/AppData/Local/Minitube
    – Create a folder named “Original”
    – Move libvlc.dll, libvlccore.dll and the folder named “plugins” to “Original”
    – Copy libvlc.dll, libvlccore.dll and the folder named “plugins” from the nightly archive
    – Boom! It works.

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    I repackaged 2.3.1. Just download again and install. And thanks for helping fix the bug!

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    I uninstalled and then downloaded the latest build it’s still happening for me on Windows 7 :(

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    I also tried downloading the nightly and updating the appdata folder but it still keeps skipping

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    :( Uninstalled and downloaded via that link but still no luck, it just keeps skipping through the videos

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    I tried installing on a different Windows 7 machine and it works fine. Is it possible everything isn’t being deleted when I uninstall on the machine that’s not working?

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    I jumped in to insert my 2 cents that I have exact same issue on 2.4 on Mac OS X 10.7.5 and 2.9 on Mac OS X 10.9.5. When I search by the keywords “training montage” and “hans zimmer” videos are skipped, however they aren’t if they are in results of the search by “daily wire” and “tree of logic”. That’s odd.

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    The skipping happens to me as well, using 3.0 (Appstore version) on MacOS 13.6. There’s also new UI sluggishness that was introduced with 3.0, resulting in quite a lot of rage clicking when things don’t respond..

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    Skipping happening to me also on Mac 10.14.4 (Direct download version). Was fine yesterday, but skips everything today. I was on 2.9 but have upgraded to 3, but still skips everything, including videos that played OK yesterday.

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    i have the same problem like blodwyn, i cant play anything on my ubuntu 18.10, all video skips but yesterday it was ok.. im on the same version 3.0

    i run it from the terminal and i get
    [unknown] Cannot get video info
    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver

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    Similar issue, on Windows 10. Downloaded the 3.0 off the website here and tried the 2.3-nocache version that was mentioned as a prior fix (but unsurprisingly didn’t seem to work). Seems to happen with anything I search I tried “BoA” and “ERB” among other random searches.

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    The same issue here, Minitube 2.9 (and the same with 2.7 (3.0 does not start at all)) on Debian 9.9. Yesterday worked just fine, today suddenly started skipping through the results no matter what was searched for..

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    I have the same issue since yesterday. All worked fine for years since I bought it. I don’t think I’ve installed or updated any software in my PC

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    Same issue on Arch Linux. When I launch version 3.0 from a terminal session and attempt to play a video I get the following:

    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
    [unknown] Cannot get video info

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    Same problem over Manjaro and Mint, v2.9, v3.0, v2.9 flatpak.
    Videos play ok using VLC.Maybe and issue about the request to youtube servers.
    I’m in Madrid, Spain.

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    Seems to have started working again. My videos are playing fine now. Hope it lasts.

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    It’s working Ok today.

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    Same problem. using latest v3 demo on macbook high sierra and it just skips though the vids without playing anything. Useless app in it’s current state.

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    For Mac users I may have found a way to get around this problem. When I get the “Skipping videos” problem, typically every few days, I delete the Minitube cache folder in my Library folder. I’ve done this twice now and it fixed it both times. When you relaunch Minitube it rebuilds the cache folder, so no harm is caused by deleting it.

    The folder to be deleted is: Macintosh HD/Users/YourUserName/Library/Caches/Flavio Tordini/Minitube

    Hope this helps


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    I am running on Debian Buster and faced this same problem couple of days a go.
    Thanks to blodwin, I managed to workaround this problem by deleting: ~/.cache/Flavio Tordini/Minitube/yt

    This way I didn’t lose channels that I where following.

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    Flavio, Are you ever going to fix this bug?
    Its clearly happening to many people. Its been happening to me for months now, to the point that we have started using youtube again.
    At first I thought it was geoblock, and some times when I closed it and connected via vpn, it would work, but not very often. Many times the video would require a vpn to play via browser, so often times it was a geoblock. Maybe its how the google youtube api is handled by minitube?
    From a few other comments it seems like there is a temp file in the cache…
    I dont know, but it to the point now that maybe 1/20 videos will play, and often times it just scrolls through them really fast and then just crashed. I have tried a number of installs and reboots, so simple fixes did not solve this issue.
    Please fix minitube!

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    Well my last workaround didn’t not actually help.
    Then I started minitube on command line and started seeing errors:
    [00007fb934002100] access stream error: HTTP 403 error
    [000056533d3abfe0] main input error: Your input can’t be opened
    [000056533d3abfe0] main input error: VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘https://r1—–BP3KWGuh8N1NoOqZ37lLt-77ZREOB1uR0_JP4ylA%3D%3D&signature=’. Check the log for details.
    [00007fb93431dc40] main tls client error: cannot resolve r1— port 443: System error
    [00007fb934003490] access stream error: HTTP connection failure
    [unknown] Phonon error: “” Phonon::NoError

    So the problems seem to be host names that are not resolvable. I don’t know where do those come from but I hope this helps to point to the right direction in fixing the problem. Unless this is something google is doing purposely to make us come back to

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    I’d also like to ask Flavio if he’s going to address this bug. I paid for the macOS version of the app, which is still being sold on the website, despite numerous people having this issue. Deleting the cache files doesn’t seem to work any more, and Flavio’s lack of any response leaves me wondering if there’s any future for Minitube. This would really sadden me, as it’s an outstanding way to view YouTube content.

    Please Flavio, some kind of response would be much appreciated

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    This is my output when running Minitube from the command line on a fully updated Gentoo

    [unknown] QObject::connect(QWindow, SearchView): invalid null parameter
    [unknown] “ 404 Not Found”
    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
    [unknown] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
    [unknown] “ 404 Not Found”

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    I should have said it is the latest git version of Minitube

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    Videos is skipped. Checked for last 2 days.
    Please attend to fault.

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    I emailed Flavio a couple of days ago to alert him to this thread, and to ask him to post a comment on whether this is fixable by him or is a YouTube issue that’s out of his control. We await his response (or lack of it)


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    Hey everyone, I just updated to 3.1 and the first video played. Not 100% sure if it is fixed but looks like an update is out. Any other reports that its working now?

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    3.1 seems to be working for me too at the moment, Fingers crossed.

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    In 2.9 and earlier videos are skipped. The developer upped system requirements to 10.12 or later for v3.0+ so those who’re can’t or not willing to upgrade are outboard. The cache cleaning doesn’t help anymore.

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    I love your application but I’m honestly getting fed up since these bugs are not getting fixed in new releases.

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