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    I tried so much on this, and nothing worked.
    Yesterday, i tried to install minitube on a low spec laptop, and seems to work, but the searchs didnt work, so I googled about this, and I found out that, a Google API was required to do this.

    So, I did everything to get my gAPI, even when google’s API changed a little bit. I got the Browser API keys, so I tried to install them, I did it from a install script from Noobslab, but didnt worked, so, I compiled from the official git and entered my API before the “make”.

    Just a little trouble cz i had qt4 installed :P
    But at the end, it compiled. Now, the trouble is that, when doing searches, I dont get the “403 forbbiden error”, no, I’m just getting the url from “…” where the results from the searches should be.

    So, yea, the qt4 thing was my fault, but now i’m getting stressed xD
    Thanks in advance!

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    Make sure you enabled the YouTube Data API in the Google Developer Console

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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