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    Today I used your app for the first time. But I miss the possibility to create playlists.
    Do you think this feature could be added in one of the next updates?

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    Siva Prasad Varma

    The ability to create playlists will increase the efficiency far from complicating things. Also an equaliser would be cool but then I know I am asking for too much

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    One of reasons I like Musique so much is how clean the interface is. I would appreciate this feature as well, but only if it does not create clutter. Perhaps “playlists” became another view tab like “artists” and “albums”? Then you could dump a whole playlist into the play queue just like you currently drag over a whole album.

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    guys blog

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    Joshua Smith

    I just downloaded the demo and launch it. After about a minute I wonder if it would be possible to have basically what they are saying in this thread. For example: I have 200 videos on a youtube channel but they are hidden (not searchable and do not show up). One can view these videos if the have the link though. I would like to have a way to import a list of these hidden URLs and export some type of data file… so I can create a specific directory (exported file) that I could share with friends. Does that make sense?

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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