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    I recently came across a youtube vid with you app minitube. In the video users had the ability to download youtube vids. I downloaded the application ver 2.8 for Ubuntu however the download option was missing. The help page shows two options for Windows and Mac – Download and Buy. Which I assume is free and paid. However, there is no description of what you get extra for purchasing the app. Also the Ubuntu option shows download and donate.
    Zhat is the difference between Download, Buy Now, and Donate?
    How much does the product cost?

    Links take me to PayPal to login but a price up front would be nice.

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    Hi Zothi, the free download is a demo version. Minitube is currently sold at €9.99. The Linux version is free, that’s why Linux users can support the project through donations. Hope this helps. I’ll add the prices on the page ASAP, I always thought that reading on PayPal was fine, but I was probably wrong ;)

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    OK – I finally got around to purchasing a key. I chose the Windows version installed it and submitted the key.
    However, I still do not see a download option.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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