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    I’ve had musictube for about 2 years. I’ve tried it on several occasions but it simply doesn’t work. I’ve had a few tracks play for a minute then stop. And once it played then just switched to a random track. I have minitube and that works well.

    Also, there is no user’s manual. I just realized yesterday that you are supposed to drag the songs that you want to hear to the side bar on the right.

    My specs:
    MacBook Pro OSX 10.8.5
    HD: 500 GB
    Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

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    Hi Devananda, make sure you have the latest Musictube version, which is now 1.3. I’m very sorry to hear Musictube does not work for you. Musictube is supposed to be easy and self explanatory and a user manual would make no sense. Yes, you can drag search results on the playlists or you can click the play icon that appears when you hover them with the mouse. Hope that helps.

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    Minitube will not play at all in HandyLinux.
    It will show the video’s but no play.

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    Hi, it could be such a great app.. simply elegant, but I have similar issues: on some days it just doesn’t play properly, stops after a song, or doesn’t start, or starts another song. I am wondering if youtube advertisement – that luckily don’t show up – is what causing songs not to start properly, maybe youtube senses that it bypasses the ads? Just thinking loud, but I encourage to look into it as it is often not reliable. Otherwise could be the best app : ) !

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    Haluk Demirtaş

    It will show the video’s but no play in Studio version. But works well on live or remix version

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