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    Thanks for the good player, works good, but 1 thing is really annoying. Looks like it takes album art from internet, often quality is poor and sometimes it doesnt show any album picture at all (even if it exists in tag). Musicue should be able to take album art from audio Tags!!! It’s really easy to do…


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    Graham Nowell

    You can always provide you’re own album cover images by slipping a cover.jpg file into the folder containing the album songs in your Music Folder.

    The file must be a .jpg file
    The file must be called cover.

    Providing you’re own cover.jpg file for each of you’re albums solves a lot of problems and I personally don’t rely on to provide any of my album covers.

    By problems I mean the wrong album cover or occassionally no album cover at all; only an ugly grey hole on you’re otherwise very pretty Musique Album window.

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    I’ve run into this problem, too. Despite having a cover.jpg file in every folder, only about half of the covers show up. I use the Fedora repository build. With a couple of exception, they all appear to be Classical music albums, though I don’t know why that would matter. In fact, all Classical music albums and only a couple non-Classical music albums are affected.

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    OK, I realized that in fact it wasn’t reading the “Performer” tag, which for some reason was preventing it from having a cover. Changing the tag to “artist” though fixed that issue.

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    Graham Nowell

    I have written a tutorial on the Linux Mint Community website called:

    VISUAL GUIDE: Album cover graphics in the “Musique” music player.

    I suspect a lot of newcomers give up on Musique before they discover that by setting up their Music folder in a certain way, they can dictate what album cover images, artist photos and information Musique displays. This involves adding cover.jpg files alongside your music files, deleting or altering various hidden files (eg _cover, _thumb, _photo etc).

    Section 1). Using cover.jpg method to select album cover graphics.
    Section 2). Allowing Musique to use to select album cover graphics.
    Section 3). Deleting hidden _cover files to force Musique to use the cover.jpg method

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