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    Musictube is not playing any music from any videos at all.
    I search for a song. I add it to my play list then hit play but it either finishes the play list or moves to the next song which doesn’t play too.

    Is there a fix for this?

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    I’m experiencing the very same issue on a MacBook Air.

    The app seems to be working well (finding content, etc.) except for the one thing it’s supposed to do… PLAY the content.

    Please respond with some insight… I’ll provide whatever information you need in order to help troubleshoot the issue.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I’m having the very same issue on my MacBook Air, which is running the latest version of MacOS Sierra.

    The app is not crashing and finds YouTube content with ease. However, playback is non-existent.

    Since TJ’s original post is over six months old without reply, I’m wondering whether the MusicTube app is still being supported.

    I’d be more than happy to provide further information in order to help troubleshooting.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Eduardo Nicolas

    I download muscictube last week bought the license and the thing just won’t playback i updated to OS Sierra to see if it would work and still the same. I have already uninstalled it and installed back again with no success of making it play a song. it does find the songs and gives you info but absolutly no playback, it will skip to next song ad infinitum.

    had anybody found a solution to the problem, I tried contacting Flavio but he just told me it is supposed to work fine….

    any solutions anyone?

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    Just want to say it is the same for me here. I am unable to play any music. on the latest mac and musictube. macbook pro 15 retina 2015.

    i have contacted the app developer on twitter. he says the app still works for him. i will point him to this thread.

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    I made a video illustrating my issue:

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    Got a reply from the developer. app updated to 1.7.1 which fixed my problem :)

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    Having this problem for months, have tried a variety of fixes, using an iPad Pro less than a year old. It’s doing it on most videos now, anything that would likely be copywrited refuses to play. I’m done with apple, removing basic functionality and trying to make me pay won’t work. I’m going to home brew this, I’m tired of bs.

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    Music tube app has stopped playing any fixes you can advise

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    I am facing the same problem. However while googling I came across an iTunes link which says “music tube not available in your country or region”. I immediately checked on App Store could not find it.

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    same here… it seems like it starts playing a song but the timeline never gets past 0. i am logged in and can see all the contents but playing does not work any more. also could not find app in itunes (europe).

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    Music tube is not working how can I fix it.

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